Ciggarets and Roses

She smelled like cigarets and cheap rose perfume, yet she intoxicated me.
She never talked to anyone, yet I heard all her sentences.
She is a bad girl, and well I'm not, yet I'm deeply in love with a girl who has no clue I exist.


5. Chapter 5

I woke up in the morning and got dressed in my usual outfit. I went out to my car and waited for my sister, this time she didn't wear makeup or make her outfit slutty. "Are you okay?" I asked and she just shrugged and didn't speak. I sighed and pulled out of the driveway and drove to school. I parked my car and grabbed my bag while hugging my sister. When she got out everyone gave her a confused look. She didn't speak at all, which is weird because she stops like seven different times to talk to people. I went into school and I found Haley. "Hey Haley I have a quick question." I said walking up to her.

"Yeah what is it?" She asked looking fixing her outfit.

"Do Adderall pills show up in a piss test?" I asked biting my lip slightly.

"Haha yeah they show up as amphetamine." She laughed.

"Wait as in methamphetamine?" I asked worried.

"Yeah, why?" She said looking me in the eyes.

"Well my mom and dad drug tested me, and they said if they find adderall in my system they'ed punish me. This is going to be a way worse punishment than I thought." I said and hurried down the hall before she could ask anymore questions. I went to my first class and worked extra hard so I can get my work done because I know I'll be punished all day. As the day ended my anxiety went through the roof as I waited for my sister. She got into the car and said, "I'm done being bad, I don't want dads punishment anymore. I broke up with my boyfriend and now I'm going to keep my mouth shut till I move far away from that sick bastard." I smiled and hugged her and kissed her forehead. I drove home and waited five minutes until I realized that dad wasn't home. I took my key out and very shakily opened my front door.

"Emily, come here please." My mom said nicely. "Now, I got your results back but the people told me that adderall will show up as methamphetamine. Which it did, I will not tell your dad, but you've got to help me get him out in jail. If not I will, then I don't know what I'll do. Just tell me it was just adderall." She said smiling slightly.

"Mom it was just adderall. I promise and I'll help you, but why the sudden interest in putting father in jail?" I asked feeling relieved.

"Because, I thought he was just going to whoop your sister just like the other times, but he raped her." She said and started to cry.

"Mom he always has-"

"WHAT?!?" She screamed.

"Yes, the other times he put duck tape over her mouth."

"Why didn't you tell me." She said sobbing more.

"I thought you knew!" I said and hugged her. We sat and talked for hours upon hours. She truly didn't know, and she's not even Christian just like me. She just went along with father because she was in-love with him. When 11:30 hit she told me to get some rest and she'll call the police while we are at school. After that I went into my sisters room and told her, she smiled as the tears fell from her eyes. I went into my room and crawled into bed. Once I finally went to sleep it was around 12:40.

--authors note: so tell me what you guys think. All feedback is accepted even the rude ones but please be nice, I'm really rusty because I stopped writing for the longest time. Well anyways I hope you guys enjoyed it even tho it's short :)

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