Ciggarets and Roses

She smelled like cigarets and cheap rose perfume, yet she intoxicated me.
She never talked to anyone, yet I heard all her sentences.
She is a bad girl, and well I'm not, yet I'm deeply in love with a girl who has no clue I exist.


4. Chapter 4

WARNING: To any Christians do not read this and get offended this includes rape, and abuse of children and no not this is not my perspective of Christians I don't know what I was thing while I wrote it.

I did my usual routine after school, get in my car, wait for my sister, and drive home. My sister finally came to the car and got in after making out with her boyfriend for I don't know how long. I sighed and started the car and she gave me a weird look. I drove home and she went inside. She came running back out and grabbing the makeup wipes. She washed her face off quickly and fixed her outfit. We both went in together after she told me mom and dad were home. I went up to mom and dad and hugged them. "Hey mom, hey dad." I said.

"Hey sweetie, will you go up to your room? We have to talk to your sister then we'll call you down and talk to you ok?" My father said and I nodded and went into my room and picked up my favorite book, cut, I'm not aloud to read stuff like that so I crossed out the author and found a Christian book named cut as well and crossed out the author incase they want to read it one day. "I'm sorry!" My sister yelled.

"WHERE IS YOUR MAKEUP!" My father yelled.

"I don't have any! I used a friends." She said back.

"You're grounded for two months. Church starts tomorrow, your not going to school. Go to your room and pray to God for forgiveness now. Fathers choice of punishment is later." My mother said and I heard my sister running up stairs to her room. "Emily come down here please." I hid my book under my pillow and went down stairs.

"What's going on?" I said with a questioning look.

"We have reason to believe you've been snorting drugs." My mom said.

"No I haven't! That stuff is completely wrong! Why would I want to ruin myself?" I said being as clam as possible.

"Would you mind talking a piss test then?" My father asked.

"No I wouldn't mind. Make me take a pee test regularly if that what you would like. I promise you I'm clean." I said.

"Okay, so when you told Lizzie the reason why you missed first hour is because you were snorting adoral pills it was a joke?" My mother said.

"Yes mom. I told her I went to the bathroom, but I didn't tell her I had to take a poo because that's weird but I told her I was talking to a friend." I said.

"Okay who is this friend?" She said.

"Her name is Haley and her friend pandora was also there, you can ask her if you want." I stated.

"Okay we will, but we still want to take a piss test." I nodded my head and she gave me a container. I went into the bathroom and peed into the cup and put the lid on it and gave it to my mom. "Thank you. If it comes back with any sigh of adoral you will be punished. Understood?" I nodded and went upstairs and read my book. I took a shower and and got into my pjs which includes a nightgown with nothing underneath. Moms orders apparently. I laid down at 10 and that's when father came upstairs into my sisters room which is next to mine. I heard him pull down his pants and I knew what kind of punishment this was.

"You want to look like a woman? You're going to be treated like one!" He said and my sister started to scream and cry. This lasted until midnight. By that time my father was done and left her room. I stared at the ceiling and he came into my room and kissed my head and went into his downstairs. I waited until I hear his door shut and I went into my sisters room.

"Are you okay?" I said and she started crying again.

"Yeah I guess, it was both holes this time." I shook my head at my fathers disgusting punishment. I kissed her forehead and took her to take a shower. I put her into a fresh new nightgown and later her back in bed and tucked her in. I went back into my room and went to sleep.

A/N: sorry if you guys don't like this, I don't know why I thought of this but I did. No offense to any Christians out there but I'm sorry. Give me feed back please.

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