Ciggarets and Roses

She smelled like cigarets and cheap rose perfume, yet she intoxicated me.
She never talked to anyone, yet I heard all her sentences.
She is a bad girl, and well I'm not, yet I'm deeply in love with a girl who has no clue I exist.


1. Chapter 1

No one really knows the true her, then again everyone did miss judge her. She isn't what everyone said she is. Most of her is hidden from most people. She likes to be her own self else where, she doesn't like having people judge her for her actions nor looks. Tho she is unremarkably gorgeous with her long black wavy hair that cascades down her back, or maybe it's her perfectly pink heart shaped lips, or the fact that she has the prettiest eyes I've ever seen in my life, the perfect shade of greenish gold that change with her mood. Honesty under all of her black clothing, her heavy dark makeup, and her dark past and present, she's the most beautiful, concealed person there is. You're probably thinking, who am I and why am I so in love with this girl? Am I some crazy stalker? Possibly, but I am not. I'm just simply a girl that's desperately in love with another girl that will never know I exist. Who is she? Haley Marie Voigt. Who am I? Someone you'll find out later. 


A/N: Should I continue? I believe I should but I would like some feed back please?

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