Birdboy and Eagle

*Fan fiction to Young Justice, The Son of Batman, and Batman: Under the Red Hood*

Katey Wayne is the older sister of Damian Wayne, and is also "Eagle", one of Batman's Proteges. She's one of the Team's best members, despite her violent nature.

Katey is great friends with Cassie and Tim, and well, the rest of the team beside Lagoon Boy. She doesn't really like him and enjoys beating him at sparring.

Damian and Katey get along so much, it kind of scares the rest of the Team. Katey has her own opinions about her brother, however, they all have their laughs.

When Red Hood joins the team, Katey automatically hates him (Due to her experience with boys), and he isn't so fond of her either.

Ah, missions.


2. WHAT?!


  Of course, Todd and I didn’t get along at first. We always argued over the simplest things. I was just hanging around the Cave, doing nothing the day Dad decided to kill me. Okay, that’s a lie. I was bickering with Todd over something that….Well…. I don’t even remember. It went something like this:


Todd: *Flirts with Batgirl* (I know right?? She is WAY to old for him!)


Me: Boys… 


Todd: What do you know about boys?


Me: I know that they’re totally stupid and untrustworthy!


Todd: Well, what about you girls? You aren’t total angels you know!


Me: I wasn’t an angel to start with, Todd! 


Todd: Well, who said I wasn’t trustworthy Wayne?


Me: Gee, I wonder who? Um, maybe my dad?


Todd: Who said I was stupid?


Me: Don’t ask stupid questions you already know the answers to.


Todd: If I already know the answer, then how does that make me stupid? 


Me: I could hack into your testing scores right now…


And then Dad came on the intercom. 


“Eagle and Red Hood come to the Mission Room immediately.” Todd glared at me. 


“I could kill you right now.” He said. 


“You wouldn’t stand a chance.” I snapped, and walked off to the Mission Room. I liked getting the last word. It’s fun. 


“I have been receiving complaints that you two are arguing. And as Impulse put it, you’re arguing like an “Old married couple”.” Dad said. 


“Married? Over my dead body.” Todd said. 


“You’ve been dead before.” I pointed out. He glared at me. I glared back. 


“Anyways,” Dad spoke louder, “I have decided to put you guys on a mission, by yourselves.” 


“What?!” Todd and I exclaimed at the same time. Batman nodded. 


“The both of you will have to cooperate together for the sake of this mission, and you’re going to hate it.” For the first time ever, my dad smiled meanly. 


“You will have to infiltrate Deathstroke’s lair, and find out what he has planned against the League of Shadows.” Dad said. 


“That’s it? Please, almighty-Batman-who-likes-to-toture-his-kids, give me a challenge!” I said. 


“Who said it was going to be easy? You’re going to have to cooperate, remember?” Dad told me. I groaned.


“Why can’t you just put us in counseling with Black Canary or something?” I complained. 


“Where’s the fun in that?” Dad asked. 


“Why are you being so…..Not like you today?” I asked, obviously getting creeped out. 


“Maybe I’m just in a really good mood today, oh, and you’re going to go to the League of Shadows and give them the information, and you can only use one bike.” 


“Now you’re just being mean.” I pouted. 


“I am mean.” Batman smiled creepily, then left the room.


Todd walked beside me, and said, “He’s possessed.” 


I nodded. “I’ll drive.” I offered. 


“No way. My bike’s faster.” Todd protested. 


“Whatever.” I sighed. He looked at me weirdly. 


“What? No fight?” He asked. 


“The sooner we get this done, the sooner we can stop working together.” I stated. 


“Works for me.” Todd said. 


Of course, that wasn’t the last time we worked together, but we didn’t know that looking back. 


We walked to Todd’s bike, and he got on the front, while I got on the back. 


“I will only hold on to your shoulders.” I informed him. 


“Whatever you say, Princess.” He said. 


“Don’t you call me—“ I started, but he had already started the engine, leaving me only to glare, and gripping his shoulders. 


We sped off to Deathstroke’s lair, considering I already knew where that was. 

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