Birdboy and Eagle

*Fan fiction to Young Justice, The Son of Batman, and Batman: Under the Red Hood*

Katey Wayne is the older sister of Damian Wayne, and is also "Eagle", one of Batman's Proteges. She's one of the Team's best members, despite her violent nature.

Katey is great friends with Cassie and Tim, and well, the rest of the team beside Lagoon Boy. She doesn't really like him and enjoys beating him at sparring.

Damian and Katey get along so much, it kind of scares the rest of the Team. Katey has her own opinions about her brother, however, they all have their laughs.

When Red Hood joins the team, Katey automatically hates him (Due to her experience with boys), and he isn't so fond of her either.

Ah, missions.


1. Prologue

-Katey's Point of View- 



    I’m Eagle, Batman’s actual daughter. No joke, I’m Katey Wayne, the daughter of Talia al Ghul, and Bruce Wayne. I’m also the older sister of Damian Wayne. 


     I’ve been on the Team for a while (3-4 years…ish?), long enough to get to know everyone. I hate the Creature from the Black Lagoon (For those who don’t know, that’s Lagoon Boy), but other than him, I pretty much like everyone else. 


    Damian joined the Team a couple weeks ago. He seems to be doing pretty good. Everyone thinks he’s adorable. I don’t think that’s the right word to describe him. Here’s a couple words that I have to describe him:















Seriously— Well, you get the point. My brother is anything but adorable, especially when trained by assassins. 


I was trained by them too, but I’m much more laid back on the whole “Assassins are family, if one dies, the murderer will be fatally punished!” and “We will talk like we are from MidEvil Times!” stuff, unlike my dear brother. 


Well, I guess that could be because when I was 14, my mom (See what I mean?) took me to Gotham, were I met my dad (We got along MUCH better than Dad and Damian did, that may or may not be because I’m Dad’s favorite). Or that may be possibly because I’m a girl and I don’t care what people do anymore. Who knows?


Maybe I’m delusional. No, I’m not. 


Possibly crazy? Nope, I know what crazy is. 


Do I just not care about ancient assassin stuff because of him? Yup, that’s right. Oh wait, you don’t know who ‘he’ is. 


Justin (What? Did you think I was going to say Jason?) Gate, is my ex-boyfriend. I guess, when I dumped him for cheating on me, that I learned that boys are stupid and you can’t trust ‘em. 


Yeah, that’s about it. He wasn’t really a good boyfriend, so I dumped his butt. Since then, I’ve been single. 


All the boys are like “You need a boyfriend, I can get you one!”. 


I’m like “Ha, ha, ha, no. Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever….EVER!”.


So yeah. I’m going to die alone. No cats, no dogs, no boys, nothing. Absolutely nothing. 


At least, that’s what I thought would happen. I didn’t plan on meeting Todd. 


He joined the team after me. 

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