Birdboy and Eagle

*Fan fiction to Young Justice, The Son of Batman, and Batman: Under the Red Hood*

Katey Wayne is the older sister of Damian Wayne, and is also "Eagle", one of Batman's Proteges. She's one of the Team's best members, despite her violent nature.

Katey is great friends with Cassie and Tim, and well, the rest of the team beside Lagoon Boy. She doesn't really like him and enjoys beating him at sparring.

Damian and Katey get along so much, it kind of scares the rest of the Team. Katey has her own opinions about her brother, however, they all have their laughs.

When Red Hood joins the team, Katey automatically hates him (Due to her experience with boys), and he isn't so fond of her either.

Ah, missions.



Holding on to Todd’s shoulders was weird enough. But being chased by gigantic spiders? Forget the shoulders, I’m holding on to his waist. 


Yeah, I know, weird since I totally hated his guts, but when it comes to spiders, let’s just say I need a little extra comfort. Todd knows that. So, when the gigantic spiders started to try to eat us, he didn’t yell or complain when my hands automatically flew to his waist and held on. He actually drove faster. 


The thing is, I have arachnophobia. Badly. I see one spider, and I’m like See ya! and am running in the opposite direction. Everybody knows that. 


Some guys find it cute. (Weirdos.)


Others find is weird. (What? I’m not strange…..Maybe a little, but not much.) 


So, yeah, big giant hairy spiders are chasing us, while I am on a mission with my arch fri-enemy-ish person thing. Yeah, not my best day. 


Worst of all, we hit the cliff. That’s why I wanted to drive. Because I’m Batman’s daughter! [uses Batman voice]


Just kidding. Because boys are stupid. 


Well, I guess both of those make since. Eh, whatever. 


Todd ran into a cliff. What kind of person drives his motorcycle off a cliff? Jason Todd. 


Except, (Thankfully, but seriously scary at the same time) the spiders (There were two of them) caught us with their disgusting webbing stuff. 


That was so creepy, nasty, and just….Ugh. I can barely even talk about it now. 

The spider started pulling us up. Todd was going to cut the webbing with his knife, but he got hit on the head to knock out. 


Just my luck- I’m alone with a bunch of spiders, while I’m on a stupid mission with my  arch fri-enemy-ish person thing. How worse could this day get? I thought. Then, the spider made me hit part of the cliff, and I blacked out. 


If you think that getting chased by gigantic hairy spiders (Which, was crazy, considering the biggest spiders alive were like less than 1 foot long, where these were 3 feet tall), while being on a mission with your arch fri-enemy-ish person thing is really weird, try being tied up with him on a web. That’s much worse. 


Life really hates me today, doesn’t it? I thought to myself. 


I heard a groan, and noticed that Todd was coming around. 


“Whoops.” He said. 


“ ‘Whoops’ is right.” I responded, while trying to get out of the trap. 


“Let’s try to not get eaten.” Todd said. 


“No dip Batman.” I grunted. 


“If I could just get to my knife…” Todd trailed off. That gave me an idea. 


Looking back, I was a total idiot for not noticing it before. My baterang! How I didn’t remember that I still had that stuff, I have no idea. 


My katana was in my boot too…Hey, cut me some slack, I was totally having a bad day. 


I somehow managed to get to my boot, and grab my katana. I cut the webbing. 

Todd and I both dropped to the floor. Standing in front of us were 4 spiders.


“There’s four of them?” I complained. 


“Keep your head clear,” Todd ordered, pulling out his guns, “and kill them.” 


Easy for him to say. He didn’t have arachnophobia, and he doesn’t even have to fight them head-on. 


I sighed and closed my eyes. I looked back to my training at TLOS (The League of Shadows). I looked back to my life back there. My friends, family, and ex-boyfriend. 


As much as I could care less if Justin died, the rest of the Shadows were counting on me. I opened my eyes and attacked. 


It started out okay. Todd was shooting like a maniac (Which he is, I mean, what kind of idiot drives his motorcycle of a cliff? Oh yeah, Jason Todd). 


I stabbed the first two easily. I had pushed down my fear during that, so I was kind of panting.


Then one of the spiders completely abandoned Todd, and came after me. 


Are you serious? I thought. 


I flipped over it, but halfway over the spider webbed my foot, and threw me towards the wall. 


I hit it really hard, so hard my vision blurred and blackened. I heard Todd yell “Eagle!”.


The spider’s front two legs came up and started choking me. 


I saw the spider open its mouth, showing it’s venomous teeth, with foam dripping. I would’ve screamed, but I was loosing my vision. And my voice, considering I was getting choked. 


I was almost dead, then I heard something slash at the spider, and it screamed in agony as it let go of my throat and died.


 I fell down to my knees and took a lot of deep breaths and regained my vision. I looked up to Todd standing over me. 


“Thanks.” I said. 


“Don’t mention it. I know how it feels to completely shut down in front of your worst fear.” Todd said. 


“I don’t see you ‘shutting down’ when we’re against the Joker.” I said. He flinched. 


“I did when he killed me.” Todd shot back and started to walk out the building. 


I have to admit, I felt a bit guilty. I probably shouldn’t have questioned him. I mean, he’s been through a lot. Dying, getting revived, the whole enchilada. 


Plus, I’m not that important. I mean, I am, in the Shadows, but here I’m just Batman’s daughter, who's scared of spiders. 


I don’t know why I started to feel this way about myself, but for some reason, I’ve always (secretly) admired Todd. 


Sometimes, I wondered if Dad would be looking all over creation for me like he did for Todd. I wondered if he’d cry if I died. 


“You coming?” Todd called from the door. 


“Yeah.” I said and walked out the door pushing these thoughts aside.    

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