Memory Loss

I wasn't gonna put this up coz it's kind of personal, but oh well. All writing is personal if you look deep enough, so I guess this won't be much different. I've kind of experimented with the whole 'flowing from one line to another' so sorry if it's hard to read or isn't written properly.


1. #1

Her crinkled, lonely, deprived face lies apart
From mine. Inches between her intimate gaze and my
Longing eyes, searching for recognition.
Yet miles lie between our broken roads.

Her metallic blue eyes seal over with
Loneliness. For as we stand before her,
Her body caved into cushions, she's
Melting into her own grave.

Trapped, as a prisoner, she battles with her 
Own mind. The source a constant flow of
Questions, screws loosening memories,
Drilling in the confusion.

But how is she to escape the continuous
Labyrinth? The maze full of endless paths that
Weave amongst another like thoughts,
Because there's no way out.

But how is she to accept the chatter of
Unrecognisable human beings? The ones who
Whisper in her ear, clinging on to her hand for dear life
Because these 'people' now remain as nothing.

And after years of love and adoration how can
Someone be left remaining nothing? For their 
Emotions now remain steady, neutral, controlled,
As if there are no worries in the world.

Because whilst she may feel neglected from the
Unfamiliarity of the world, we're the ones who
Suffer from watching. Whilst she's trapped inside we're
Trapped from what lay before this.

For the suffering is what now controls our memory.


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