It Must Be Magic

Jace is a sixth year at Hogwarts( the best place on earth) and can't wait to get there. But there is a lot to come for him that he doesn't know of yet.

Thank you for reading this is my first book and i will keep writing so read it, love it, and I'll send you some jelly slugs (lol)


2. The Wagons That Move On There Own

The train moves at a steady pace just like Greg's mouth. I mean at least he's not talking but his smacking is about to drive me up the wall.

"Can you smack any louder I say"

"Yes I can" he says almost chocking on his pumpkins juice.

I laughed and looked out the window. I could see a town coming up.

" It's hogsmede" I hear a small voice say.

It was probably a first year that is only herd of the town in stories told at night.

The train stops at the station and we file out of the train car.

I start walking to the wagons that move on their own. I don't know why they move on their own but some people say they can see horses or something. I look up and see the castle. It's beautiful.

"Dude wake up" I hear Greg say beside me.

"I'm up, I'm just happy to be here".

"We need to get off now" he says

I realize what he says is true. The wagon has stopped moving. I get off and walk by the front and I swear I feel something breathing on me.

We walk up like 200 stairs. They need to put escalators in the castle, maybe update everything so it's not just a castle. We get to our table and the professor starts reading off names. Every time I hear raven claw I clap and yell. Even though it's the house I'm in I still don't know all of the raven claw kids.

" FOOD!!!!!" I hear Greg say and i take food out of the silver dishes in front of me.

"Stop smacking please" I yell at Greg in a friendly way. Soon the food disappears and we get told the rules of the new year. Everything is the same except that we got a man eating plant in the herbology classroom and are told not to go in there with out the teacher. We also got a new potions teacher. She seems nice.

"You all have to get up early in the morning for class so follow your prefects to your dorms and get some sleep".

I look up and the moon is

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