It Must Be Magic

Jace is a sixth year at Hogwarts( the best place on earth) and can't wait to get there. But there is a lot to come for him that he doesn't know of yet.

Thank you for reading this is my first book and i will keep writing so read it, love it, and I'll send you some jelly slugs (lol)


1. Mom I'm Not Little Anymore

"Get up Jace you'll miss the train" I herd my mom say as I woke to her shaking me.

"Ok ok I'm up stop shaking me"

"Then get dressed, I have breakfast when your ready to go" she said as she walked out of my bedroom.

My bed was so comfortable but I had to get up because if I didn't I wouldn't get to platform 9 and 3/4 on time.

I got up and went to my closet and found a blue shirt and some dark blue jeans and put them on.

I had packed the night before. I had everything I needed. Potions books, herbology books, and a couple other things. The most important thing though was my wand.

I walked down the stairs with my heavy trunk. I wish I could just levitate it down the stairs but I'm not a 7th year yet.

"There you are my little 6th year."

" Mom I'm 16 I'm not little anymore" I said as I walk to the breakfast nook.

There sat eggs, bacon, biscuits, and orange juice. I love orange juice and just about anything orange. I like orange jelly slugs, orange jelly bean, ( there like the ones in hogsmead but except they don't have the discussing flavors) and the new flavor of chocolate frogs. Orange. There just like the chocolate ones except for the twang of orange.

"You will always be my little boy" mom says through tears.

"What are you crying for" I say as I sit down and begin to eat.

She does this every year, she cried and says.

" I remember when you were just a first year"

Then just like every year I walk over to her give her a hug and a kiss on the cheek.


"Greg's here I'll write to you when we get there ok" I say to mom as I make my way to the door with my things.

"Ok sweetie I'll see you at soon,bye, love you" she says giving me a squeeze.

"Bye mom love you too" I say squeezing back.

I walk out the door as it closes behind me and go to the trunk of Greg's car and put my stuff in after he pops it. I walk to the passenger seat and get in.

"How are you dude" he says giving me a pat on the back.

"I'm good, how are you" I say as he starts driving down the road to the train station. His car is jet black on the outside and inside.

"I'm doing good, ready to go back to school?" he says turning down a road.

"Absolutely ready" I say jumping up and down in my seat. I love school especially the school I go to. My favorite subject is drama and with magic it's a lot cooler than Wicked has ever wanted to be. ( although Iv always wanted to see Wicked)

I look out the window. We're here and there are a lot of people walking in and out of the station. We get out of the car and Greg is rambling about the first year of him coming here. I'm not listening I'm to occupied in my own thoughts and putting my things on my luggage cart.

"Dude, are you alive over there.

I nod my head and walk into the station and go straight to platform 9 and 10. There is the gateway to my favorite place. As I run through the wall I feel free and then I'm there at platform 9 and 3/4 with Greg right behind me still talking about something that has to do with chocolate frogs and girls.

"Shut up and let's get on the train" I say as we give our stuff to the guy putting luggage in compartments.

I walk to the steps of the beautifle red engine with letters tgat say Hogwarts Express. My stomach has butterfly's in it although I've done this a ton of times.

I step into the car and walk down the isle looking for an open compartment. I find one and sit in it with Greg in the opposite seat and look out the window. There are parents waving goodbye to their children. Then the cars jerk and we start moving.

"Here we go" I say very happily.

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