Taming her Insolence

How would Ana react when she agrees to be Christian's submissive? Would her smart mouth be her undoing or would her inner goddess submit to the illustrious Christian Grey who exorcises his dominating and intimidating nature over the virginal brunette.


2. Yes, Sir.

I took the warning as a threat. I could feel the hairs on my skin prickle. I was slightly turned on by his change in behavour. I was dealing with Christian, the dark dominate not the CEO and I knew I was taking the first steps down this rabbit hole. I had three months according to this agreement...I took my leave, turning my head to take one final look at the brooding man, I wanted more with than just a sub/dom relationship. As my inner goddess had now sat in her sun lounger in a barely there bikini and copious amounts of cosmo's. I clicked the door handle as I was met with the off white walls and the city lights of Seattle twinkled and glistened off the glass panels and sheer panels that dressed the windows. I took a deep breath as i placed my purse on the queen sized bed. Slowly I uncovered my layers, thankfully it was midsummer and the temperature didn't call for winter layers of about five jumpers and a bazillion socks just to keep warm. Today I dressed in a plaid shirt, vest top, scarf and jeans with my boots. Kicking them off as I unzipped my jeans, I was starting to get into a daze. The five minutes, Fifty had given me seemed to go achingly slow. Finally, I was void of clothing, I placed my haggard pile of clothes on top of the thousand dollar bedsheets as my recent purchase from Victoria's secret was the only thing between and full frontal. I hastened to place my hair in a plait.

Nervous and a general bunch of emotions came over me, if only Kate could see me now. My sexual awakening is not a clumsy fuck at prom or a drunk one night stand. I was in the most expensive apartment in Seattle and the man would be Christian Grey. Wanting sex god of some philanthropic do good company. I opened the door, hopefully I was not a minute late my eyes still gazed down at the floor, a creature of habit, I raised my head to let my own blue hues capture his own steel grey hues. But I was not expecting what was in front of me. "Whoa" The word just escaped my lips and I was powerless to stop it. Dressed in ripped, fuck me jeans that had tears and frayed edges. It flattered him in a way Abercrombie models would. The open top button was an invitation. Whilst his perfect body was exhibited right in front of me. "Ana, You are a minute late." His tone changed, the steel eyes could almost cause the most monumental orgasms just with a lingering look. "Sorry" "Sorry, what?" His tone getting more aggressive. "Sor...ry, Sir." I stumbled over the words, his right hand extended in-front of me as in a swift motion he swatted my right breast, my nipples already puckered at the sight of him and the chill i had with the lack of clothing. A wince was all I could muster whilst my right nipple radiated a unusual but pleasurable feeling. "Now, You will learn that when you are bad, you are punished, Ms. Steele. I own you. You are mine." His hand extended to caress the reddish area of my breast. "Now when we enter this room, everything I do is for mutual enjoyment and pleasure." His words lapped over me like a gentle ebb of a tide.

"You submit to me and you will be rewarded handsomely..." His lips cocked into a smirk and once again I could feel my clit start to pulsate with desire, I wanted him but I was way in over my depth. His hand captured mine as he walked towards a corridor, I watched his perfect body. Leading me to the point of no return. He stopped. "One last chance for escape... Ms. Steele" I gazed at him, revelling in the closeness of our bodies as he expected an answer. "Christian..." I pleaded with him, he was teasing me. He knew I was like a deer in headlights but I was not immune to his actions, watching him slip out a silver key as the door opened to reveal a blood red room, the same room I was shown a few days ago. My curious inner goddess was slowly doing a slow samba as my eyes remembered the floggers that was lined up. The rich opulent nature of the decor that hid a secret. I would be lying if i didn't have one or two dreams about Christian and this room since he had came in to my mundane and boring life. "Now when we are here you must do what I say.... Now lie on the bed." I was like a moth to a flame, walking to the four poster bed as I climbed up sitting up on the bed, watching him turn the internal lock, the key in the lock. He walked over to a chest of drawers, like hunter to the kill, he pulled out a silk grey blindfold. "Now what I am going to do is make you blind to everything around you, I will strike you three times with my palm. Then a further five times with my friend here." His hands reaching out for a leather paddle, "This is for your lateness, your smart mouth and because I wanted you over my knee since you fell into my office Ms. Steele"

He came closer his frame hovered over me, my naive self was wanting to run as he sat beside me. "Well I am glad... Christian. I mean sir" I stumbled over my words. Ground eat me up. "Good girl." His tone stroked my inner goddess, appeasing her. Before I knew it, the grey silk had now voided me with the power of vision, my eyes deceived me in how good Fifty looked. His breath lapped over my ear lobe as I could feel my body move as my breasts pressed into his toned thighs, Holy hell, Now I was draped over him. His nature changed, more aggressive. I couldn't see his body command me. My Inner goddess started to pout at unfamiliar feeling I was now recieving. He harshly tugged my good panties over my ass cheeks slowly. Just the animalistic nature was a turn on, an erogenous zone, the little fabric slithered down to my ankles. "I can't..Oh my god." I whispered. "Shush." He ordered promptly and instantly with skin prickled i submitted, I was at servitude to him, every part of him. His right hand started to cause a breeze and 'slap' The first blow struck on my pert behind, the blood vessels rushed to the surface as he would rub his hand to settle the sting. 'slap' Another swift blow came hard and fast as the first, wincing a little i bit my lip chewing slowly. 'slap' The last blow caused my body to jerk as I could feel my wetness start to make my inner thigh a little slippy and slick with my release. His hand started to caress the reddened area. "See wasn't so bad..." His words caressed me once more as without wasting a moment the strike of the paddle hit on my ass cheeks, A gasp escaped my lips, The pain was harsher than the palm strikes. "QUIET..." His free hand captured my plait and raised my head in an unfamiliar position to look at him, which i could not do. Releasing me I felt the paddle strike once again until all five strikes had hit. Stifling my moans of pleasure, I gripped onto the lack of sheets, that draped the bed. "Let me see, please" I was starting to plead for my release, I could feel myself close to cumming, the blindfolds made me hyper aware of his actions. "When I you are good I will reward you, now get on all fours...." His hand started to soothe my ass, subsiding the pain.

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