Taming her Insolence

How would Ana react when she agrees to be Christian's submissive? Would her smart mouth be her undoing or would her inner goddess submit to the illustrious Christian Grey who exorcises his dominating and intimidating nature over the virginal brunette.


1. Naive.

"Ana, Are you crazy? He looks at you with a dangerous motive..." Kate was always the voice of reason with me. I semi snapped out of my daze. The past few weeks since I stumbled into the office of one Christian Grey was enticing me to know more, be in his intoxicating presence, like Alice and the White Rabbit I wanted to see how deep the rabbit hole went and I was powerless in my mind and conscious to stop the avalanche that was occurring right now. "I know Kate...He's polite, charming, intense and domineering...." Rolling my eyes as I walked to the kitchen, good thing this quaint little apartment had an open plan living area, reaching up for a tea cup and the trusted comfort of Twinings English Breakfast, I clicked the kettle on, using the brief moments to gather my thoughts and the mental image I had of him. The Greek God of a man who asked me to be his submissive, his fuck toy. 'Ana you must be crazy, you hardly know him and yet you are willing to give him complete control over you... Your virginity' The voice of reason came in a flash as I found myself in the warm haze of feelings that even thinking about him was urging my inner goddess to take this with complete gusto. "I hope I see the back of him...." Kate hissed, she was indeed loved up with Elliot and had been away in Barbados for the past few weeks but that never stopped her from giving her two cents with my affairs since returning, my best friend and agony aunt with anything boy related. Pouring the water to a satisfied level. I walked back with my weak black tea and settled into the sofa... My answer was... Unequivocal Yes.

* * *
Soon I found myself in the familiar confines of the penthouse of Escala. Everything was just as I had remembered the last time I stepped into this more than amazing suite. The Elevator that I was pinned up to, my inner goddess revelled in the sheer fact I made Christian lose control more than once in the plush elevator, The lingering sensation of his erection pressing into my core muscles giving me the instant delight and the slow aching throb of my clit as I wanted more. "Ana, I am assured that Taylor tended to you in my absence..." A pair of grey hues scanned me, his eyes dark and full of mystery and serious lust. Fifty was back in the room. He walked towards me, My inner goddess fighting with me to not ravage him as he came close. "Yes, Christian... I was expecting you to be in the car, when I gave my answer... Kate is a little annoyed that I am here." I choked, His presence taking over me. The envelope that contained my bind to Christian the Dominant, captured shakily in my clammy hands, I was nervous. "Christian..." I passed the signed document, I wanted to put pen to paper before he could promptly bend me over and spank the living shit out of me. His eyes scanned me with a curious nature. "I had hoped to watch you sign it, Ms Steele." His mood changed as his hands took the manila envelope, his eyes never leaving me as i stood sheepish in his presence. "Then you realise this contract is effective from now." The A4 paper slipped out gracefully as he ran his finger over my signature, within seconds the paper was on the floor. "Christian?" His actions shocked me, I let my eyes scan over the sheets of paper that lined his apartment.

I couldn't help it but I captured my bottom lip under my teeth, I was nervous. "STOP BITING YOUR LIP..." Soon there was no space between him and myself. His lips crashed to mine, instantly dissolving his issue with my bitten lip as my hands clasped over his toned arms, his cock starting to find its familiar place against my stomach, his dress trousers taut against the muscle. his voice heavy and rasp began to speak. "Room across the hall, I expect you to be naked apart from your panties... you have 5 minutes." His tone authoritative as i started to become putty in his hand, "What do you say..." I would hear him talk, my lips throbbing at the kiss as my fingertips touched where he claimed. "Yes..." His frame loomed even closer, hovering over me not happy with my first answer. "Yes, Sir" I retorted with a slight stutter. "That's better... Now learn it before I punish you to remember it. Ms, Steele."

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