Taming her Insolence

How would Ana react when she agrees to be Christian's submissive? Would her smart mouth be her undoing or would her inner goddess submit to the illustrious Christian Grey who exorcises his dominating and intimidating nature over the virginal brunette.


3. I want you sore.

I couldn't believe it, I felt myself start to convulse with inner joy. I had often let my mind idly wander on illicit thoughts now I was practicing them with every shade wrong, Christian. I sighed a little my mind still playing submissive as I began to kneel for him, my eyes watching the wall as my hands pressed on the firm base below me. “Good.” I heard his voice lap over me like satin over skin, I was in awe. My body reared up on all fours, arching my back while I could tell my body was only to happy to sucumb to him once more. I wanted to pull my restraints off, it was torturing me that I couldn't see him, I couldn't see him drown to his darkest desires while he unravels me. I could only feel the breath of him sporadically graze upon my heightened skin. My body super aware of how much I needed him, I needed him inside me once more, filling my wetness, I was aware of how my body responded and how it craved him, my clit pulsated and I was relinquishing my self control to for this moment I was his and he was my master. I raised my head up as I could feel his body moving up, feeling the pressing of skin on skin as his engorged member had pressed up against me just so, aware of how achingly close he was to unravelling me once more. I was close to moving my body to 'accidently' slip inside me, filling my sweet spot. “Now Ana. I will play with you, and you must remain on all fours...You move and there will be consequences...” He said with a stern voice as his hand rubbed over my behind, almost knowing what he wanted, to squeeze, to grab, ultimately own every inch of me. “Do you agree?” He spoke in his caramel voice.

Didn't he have any idea that I, Ana Steele, self confessed virgin was his, his play toy. “YES....” I pleaded, almost moving my hips to urge him, coax him. “NO ANA, YOUR MISSING ONE WORD!” I flush, knowing I purposely used my smart mouth to its every advantage in my submissive state. “YES SIR!” I cry out, my braided hair almost whipping me as his hand short and swift collided with my ass cheek, the slap resonated against my skin, hollow and sore while my skin tingled and his hand marked me with a vicious red mark that vividly stood out against my porcelain skin. “shit...” my mouth let the words flow instantly with my last word, another strike hit in the same place and the uncomfortable but enticing feeling came over me once more as I shuddered, rearing up to him as my back arched towards him. “Now, Ana... you have been a bad girl.” His words could almost give away a hint of a smirk as his mood changed to playful as my ass reared into him, my body shivered as his clammy fingers started to graze over my clit, rubbing in small circular motions as his frame hunched beside over me his lips grazed over my ear lobe in that inviting manner that If I was allowed my hands would instantly wander over his body, his contours. My fifty for these three months he wanted me to be his fuck toy. “So wet....” His voice purred almost pleased that I was so ready for him, as I felt my body start to ache. “For you master....” I whispered. What was I thinking “master”, what the hell would Kate say if she could see me now, blindfolded and bound to this man, this billionaire CEO that she wanted me to interview, if only she could see him behind the facade. “Good now I will tease you and when I feel you are ready then you will feel me.” His voice stern while his hands continued its heady assault on my clit, almost close to orgasm when his soft and delft fingers stirred something inside of me as I could feel my breath start to labour, Soft moans escaped my full lips as I chewed on my bottom lip, knowing he couldn't see me. “Anastasia, don't bite that lip!” He cooed with a vengeful tone, his index and middle finger slipped inside me without warning, piercing through my wetness.

I gasped in heady arousal as he thrusted his fingers in and out, rubbing against my clit enjoying his power while I was slowly drowning into my deep orgasm. I was sure he could feel me already a quivering mess as his fingers still continued to fuck me, but fifty was more than unwilling to let me come for him just yet. His other hand entangled into my braid, pulling my head up to rear up in a fashion that my hands started to rest on my thighs, I wanted to wrap my arm around his shoulders. Keeping my frame close. “So wet...so willing for me, Ana” His voice cooed over my once more. His fingers still keeping their assault on me for a few more moments, my clit violently throbbing as I was once again fighting for my composure and orgasm. “Now... you're ready...” His words almost brought relief to my heady feelings I was getting. “I am yours sir...” I whispered, as his fingers moved out from my clit. I was left aching for what felt like an eternity as his erect cock, now took center stage, filling me as I breathed deep still in that arched angle that made everything infinitely more arousing. While his cock claimed me, pumping, filling my delicious sweetness. I shuddered. His hands rested on my hip just so to allow him more leverage to drive into me, he was fifty shades of fucked up. Yet fifty shades of in me. I moan, my self control not allowing me to hold in my darkest desires. “Oh Christian....” I pleaded, my voice horse as I panted, feeling my skin prickle and my body shuddered once again, he claimed me, I was under his spell. My body bucking a little under his sweet pleasure. I was unravelling, slowly... “I want you sore Ana... I want you to be reminded that I have been here, only me.”

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