Story Of My Life

We created a sunami out of someone else's problems. Looked at our mess, then bowed.

True Story.


2. How It all started - Harriets POV

Chapter 2 - How It All Started

Harriets POV

3 Years ago I started Middle School, I'v just started year 8 and a hell of a lot has happened since.  We hate our best friend, One Direction saw us and i met my un biological sister.  Ok, ok, i'll start from the beginning.

The first day of middle school was the worst thing ever for me cause I was and still am one of those people that aren't very good at making friends, it was easier in lower school because it was small only 2 classes and 20 students in a year.  I didn't have many friends, a group of friends in reception (me, Bethany, Thomas, Louise and Jhotlene) all the way to year 2. We then split up because Jhotlene moved to new Zealand but me and Louise remained best friends until year 4 when I made friends with Bethany, Emily, Smeelah and Jada.  We were all good fiends until Smeelah started to bully me and Louise found a new best friends.  When I moved in to year 5 in middle school, none of my friends came with me except for Smeelah (great) she stuck with me pretending we were best friends but as soon as she made one she left me with no one and the bullying began again.  I soon made friends with Hannah, I never really did like her but i had no other choice and thats all that happened in year 5 really.  Soon we started in year 6 and I met Lauren, we became really good friends and she was always one go those people to hang out with boys and I was one of her first girl friends, well we can say that soon changed.....


Meeting Fiona

In year 6 we got put in math set and i was in top girls set, along with fiona.  I got seated next to her and bonded with kids TV show songs.  She was always that girl that sat at the back of the classroom not speaking to anyone and always staring at me, I actually first spoke to her in english when she asked me if she could have my eraser.  We soon found out how weird each other were and video chatted over Facebook.  We had a english project with was to write everything we did in the week holiday so me and fiona teamed up and we had a amazing holiday and wrote all about it, we got tickets to see one direction, FYI was the best thing ever, we never did get the diary back.  Being friends with fiona meant that Hannah joined in, like I have said before I hated her and fiona really liked her which I hated, I soon met Fionas fiends and realised iIwas already friends with them (Kitty, Eve, Xena) so that wasn't bad and I fit in pretty nicely, the only flaw was Lauren felt be trade and pushed me away and hated Fiona which actually brought me and Fiona closer.  As year 6 came to an end we got told out forms were being mixed up and we could choose 2 people to be in a form so i chose Fiona and Lauren.  At the very end of year 6 there was a massive argument between Eve and Fiona and Kitty wrecked the friendship, that is where I started hating my bestfirend....


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