Story Of My Life

We created a sunami out of someone else's problems. Looked at our mess, then bowed.

True Story.


1. How It all started - Fionas POV

Chapter 1 - How It all started

Fionas POV

3 Years ago I started Middle School, I've just started in year 8 and a hell of a lot has happened since. We hate our best friend, One Direction saw us and I met my un biological sister. Ok, ok, I'll start from the beginning.

The first day of Middle school was horrifying for me. I'm such a nervous person, the tiniest thing that I'm not use to gives me anxiety. Back in Lower School we never had forms and our entirer year 4 class was made up of 11 children and only 4 of them were girls. I was use to living in a tiny village and knowing everyone around me, so you can imagine how horrifying being split up from my friends and put into different forms was for me. Back In Lower School I had 3 best friends. Jasmine, Olivia and Berry. I'd know Jasmine and Olivia since I was about 4, Berry had moved into my Village when I was around 7. My new form had 30 people in and there were 5 forms in year 5, there were 4 years so that's around 600 pupils in the hole school, compared to my Lower School's 60 pupils It was a massive school. 

Me and Berry were put into 5D and Jasmine and Olivia were In 5B. I hung around with Berry for the first few days and soon found out I was the oldest in the class, my birthday being the 8th of September. 

I liked our form to start with. It was nice everyone being as scared as I was about being in a new school and easy to make friends as everyone was trying to make friends as well. I soon got close to 3 girls Kitty, Xena and Eve. Berry then moved to Scotland which bought me even closer to Kitty, Xena and Eve. 

Then year 6 came. I started to realise that the rest of my class were dicks. They were the people who everyone hated but were popular because everyone was scared of them. In our school they were known as the populars. 

Me and Eve became really close friends and Kitty became really jealous of that. Me, Eve and Xena didn't really like Kitty as she came across quite bossy and always needed things her way. She never apologised for anything she did and always thought she was in the right. 

Meeting Harriet

In maths we were having a new seating plan and I got sat next to Harriet. We'd met before In English in year 5 when we were put into groups. She didn't really say much and looked really shy. It was awkward at first but we soon bonded over children's TV show theme songs.  We found out we were as weird as each other and were soon video chatting over Facebook. 

Our year 6 project was to write up everything that happened over our week holiday, so me and Harriet teamed up and decided we were going to do really well and have an amazing holiday. The diary consisted of how we got tickets to see One Direction and our trip to the Red Lion restaurant. We were on the Ticket Master website for several hours and finally got tickets to see the boys on the 8th of June 2014 in Wembley Stadium. Our seats were at the back, but we didn't care at least we were going. We spent ages writing up our diary entries putting in emotion and plenty of detail. It was so good that Miss read it out to the class and promised she would give it back to us after marking it. We still haven't got it back and It's been 2 years. 

Being friends with Harriet meant that her other friend Hannah started to hang out with all of us. I liked Hannah a lot and she was one of my best friends. 

Year 6 was coming to an end and we found out that our forms got mixed up in year 7 to help us meet new people. At the time we thought out lives were over, but we soon forgot about it. We had to write down two peoples names and i chose Harriet and Eve. 

After a while me and Eve started to have a few arguments they all ended well with one of us apologising and we became friends again. We started to notice that whenever these arguments occurred Kitty would always try to make them worse. Then on the last day of year 6 me and Eve had a massive argument. Kitty just went around telling both of us that the other one had been saying horrible things about the other person when they hadn't been and just making the whole situation worse. End of story me and Eve are no longer friends thanks to Kitty. 

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