Story Of My Life

We created a sunami out of someone else's problems. Looked at our mess, then bowed.

True Story.


4. First day of Autumn

Fiona's P.O.V

I woke up the sound of my phone beeping. I rolled over on my comfy bed sheets squashing them beneath me. I scrolled down on my phone revealing tweets from people such as Bars and Melody, One Direction and 5SOS. I had many obsessions. I jumped out of bed and pulled open my curtains. The usual large tree blowing swiftly in the wind had changed. The bright green leaves had turned an orangey red, that meant one thing. Autumn. 

"Morning!" I heard my mums cheery voice as my bedroom door opened. 

"Morning" I flipped my head forward and ruffled my hands threw my tangly brown hair. I grabbed my brush from my desk and began brushing out the blonde ends. I heard my door close and my mums footsteps fading away as she trotted downstairs. I pulled on my black trousers and white polo before putting my black cardigan on. We had school uniform at our school and even since we got this stupid new head teacher she made everyone wear grey trousers, white shirts, black jumpers and red and black striped ties. Yep I know, awful. But as I was year 8 we rebelled and continued wearing fully black and ditched the ties. 

I made a middle parting threw my hair and tied my hair in two french braids. I'd only recently learnt how to french braid, so it wasn't perfect, but I didn't care.

I hopped down the stairs after pulling my white IPhone 5s out of the charger. I ran into the kitchen stocking my dog on the way. I ruffled his ears and kissed his nose gently. My dog was a golden Labrador. He never barked and was always way behaved. I reached the kitchen and opened up one of the many cupboards and poured Deano (my dog) a bowl of food and then thought about my breakfast. Porridge was the only thing I could think of. I had recently got braces so choices of food wasn't large. I made my breakfast and sat comfortably in the chair in my living room.  I took a few mouthfuls of porridge and began my texting debate over what Leondre Instagram account was real. Leondre was from Bars and Melody and me and my friend Lauren were O.B.S.E.S.S.E.D. I had heard that Leondre had a personal Instagram called @LeondreWorld. I didn't know if this was real but followed him anyway. Lauren had heard that his personal Instagram was called @It'sLeondre. So we debated for a while, but still aren't settled on if he was a personal or not. After realising the time I rushed to pack my bag. I yelled goodbye to my mum and dad and ran out the door. I ran up the road and got to my bus stop just in time before the bus turned up. I sat next to Jasmine and we hung around with these year 7 girls. They were Jasmines friends, I didn't really know them, but we talked to pass the journey. they weren't all that nice to me. I wouldn't call it bullying, but I wouldn't call them my friends either, they just annoy me. 

"oooo look at your hair!"  Isabelle turned around, she was in the seat in front of us. I saw her grin at Rosie and turn back to me. 

"What about it?" I didn't care what they thought of me. It was just the fact that they said it all out loud. 

"You'll properly take it out later and shake your head showing off your curls" She laughed. They were so childish and I didn't get there humour one bit. I just starred at her and Niamh there other friend spoke up.

"Don't be all moody!" She scold tuning into our conversation.

"I'm not moody" I said sounding even more moody then I did before.

"That's the first sign of becoming a teenager" Niamh turned the conversation over to Rosie like I couldn't even hear them anymore.

"I am a teenager" I fired back and they just laughed. I saw Rosie acting out popping a spot and Niamh laughing at her. 

"Grow up" I mumbled and luckily they didn't hear me.


After about a 20 minute drive we arrived at school. I hopped off the bus and of course we were late like always.

I hurried to my locker and then to the classroom. Our teacher Mrs Rosos was always late so people were still lined up outside the form room. I spotted Lauren and ran over to her. I gave her a hug and we made conversation before Kitty showed up. This is where the day began to get good.


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