Story Of My Life

We created a sunami out of someone else's problems. Looked at our mess, then bowed.

True Story.


5. First day of Autumn - Harriets POV

Harriets POV


I woke up to the sound of the annoying alarm saying it was time to get up for school, i find it really hard to get up in the moorings so i just set it on snooze and went back to sleep.  The second time it went off it was 8am, this means i only had 20 minutes to get ready for school since out new head miss changed it so school starts earlier, so i rolled (literally) out of bed and started to play some music and got ready.  I slipped a white polo shirt and black trousers and tied my hair up into a simple pony seems i was running late.  I put my school jumper on and ran down stairs, i looked at the time and i didn't have anytime for breakfast and that was fine because if I eat breakfast it makes me feel sick, so i got my lunch out the fridge and plopped it in my bag, I then ran upstairs to get my keys and phone and put them in my bag, as i was getting my keys i saw that the leafs on the tree were all crisp and orange, this made me get excited and scream because its now officially Autumn which FYI is my fav season.  I ran down the stairs with my bag and out the door my mum following because i get taken to school by my mum.  It was a long a boring journey to school. 


When i finally got there i jumped out the car and said bye to my mum and ran into the gates, i decided to walk especially slow today to just take in the cold rainy autumn weather.  When i got near to the class i could see that they had already gone in so i walked past the open windows of my class awkwardly with everyone looking at me.  When i opened the door i walked into the class with miss giving me a evil look and i got my things out of my locker and sat down next to my friends charlie, miss had already done the register so we got to talk as we weren't doing heart math today, so your properly wondering what heart math is? Well it is where we listen to 2 tracks of music and close our eyes to prepare ourself for the day, anyway charlie started to talk to me about who knows what while i was looking behind him at fiona, she was happily talking to Chris she looked at me and i was about to mouth something to her when the bell went for first lesson, now this is where the fun begins....

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