A child and a wolf are friends

The child will be friends with a wolf in the forest. She live with her parents and her sister in a house in the forest.
The child will go to find the wolf cave, their where then live in. The child will have the wolf like a friend, she can trost.


1. the child's story

Hello there, now I will describe a long story about my life. 

My name is Mara and  I am a little girl, a child. I am 10 years old. 

I have my mom, dad and my sister Stella. 

We all live in the nature, in a forest. I will explore the forest we have around the house. One day, will I go a long trip in the big forest. I already know there are many wolf in there, but I will not be scared. Because I will look after them, I like this animals. Its them I will go to find, and be together with. I think, I will do it alone, just me. There home have I research, about the wolf on my pc and I know they are big and eat flesh. I know They also don't like people. I will try to make them domestic, so they can trost me and maybe will they be my friends, one day. A new day started and I'm home with my family, but my day will be out the forest. There were the wolf are. I hope I can come to see them today, but I'm not sure. Because they can't like people. Today are maybe my biggest day ever. Maybe the day I will be the first person there have a wolf, like a friend. I hope so much I will find the big wolf, but it was not today. 

there are so many day's, so one day will I find the wolf. It's Monday in week 41 and it's holiday for me and Stella. So I have very good time to look after all wolf. I have seen the wolf one time, and now will I find then and get the wolf, to trust me. I want a wolf to be my friend, maybe other wolf can be my friends. 

After 3 months, I'm find 2 wolf and they was so afraid and don't come so close on me, but it was so fantastic and I'm so happy now. I know there they are and were I can't find them again. Every day I'm out with them and do, so they will trust me and so they can come closer on me. It so fantastic, very much. Its the biggest thing I want to do. Know are it going to be a very big thing for me. But last on my day will I going to tell my parents what I have a adventure today and the other day's before. Stella already know all about it, because I have talk with her about it. She most not tell mom and dad it, for I can't self do it, and will going to tell all things about my adventure in the very big forest. 

"Hello mom and dad. I have something I want to tell you here tonight, now. Stella already know all about what I will say to you".

"OK- what will you tell us, sweetheart"? "OK it's a long story, but I think you like it. For many weeks ago I walk in to the biggest forest and one day I see a wolf and after that I don't see them again. Every day I walk in there, because I want to see them again. There going long time, but for 1 week ago see I the wolf again and now I know I have a wolf, like a friend.I love the animals, and I mean the wolf in the forest we have close on us, you know? 

" But, they are not happy to see people. Why can you like them, and why are it wolf, can it just be a dog, you like?".

"But mom, they are so beautiful and they trust me know". What are you mean dad?"

- "I... don´t know, can you like that animals, you most go out to them again. But I not understand, why it is wolf".

OK. Dad, and thank you, I like them because they are beautiful and know they trust me so much" 

Stella have you something to do with this, your sister are doing? - say the mom.

"No I just know she was in the forest so many times. But I am not going out there". 

"OK, so I´m happy. But next time your sister are going out there, are you need to go with her, Stella". 

"Why, I will not go in the forest, there are big wolf out there, and I will not see them."

But sister, mom say you need to go with me, but I will just talk with the wolf. You can lurn about them sister."

About seven days are the sister going with her and she are not happy on this. My sister are just going with me, because mom say she need to go there out.

I will just do it alone, but I'm happy about my sister are doing it with me. She is not happy today, but she will know must about wolf here close on us.

There are know going times and my sister will home, but i need to talk with this animals today, and we need to find them.- Say I to Stella. But sister it's begning to rain soon. I will home to mom and dad now.

Why are we here then we could be with mom in site? Stella you don't know how beautiful they are, and they are not scerry, then you belive.

"Trust me sister. "

"Don't call me "Sister" call me Stella, my name you know."

"Ok, ok Stella."


I think tomorrow I will going out there, but my family need to be out of the house there.

There going many times, and know can I Iist out and be in the forrest so longe I will. All this will I write in a diary but it will not be now, or tomorrow or the next week. But some day will It do it.

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