The Wish Only Death Could FulFil

A girl who has cancer,who has a wish to fulfil her bucket list within a time limit of her life. Who runs into this guy Daniel a super confident yet scary hopeless romantic. She reveals to him that she has a terminal illness. Daniel helps her fulfil the bucket list and a twisted turn of events something tragic happens.


5. Who's There?

Alison's at home making things at home and she decides to phone Daniel and tell him that she has good news to tell him "Daniel i need to tell you something when you get home okay?" Daniel making is way home "Okay but listen to this I got the job yes finally i can work and provide" Alison congratulates him "Congratulations hun i can't wait till you get home" Alison turns and hears a noise while she's still on the phone to Daniel.

"Who are you? Why are you here?" He comes towards Alison and gets a knife out and whacks her across the face Alison goes flying to the other side, he follows her and scrapes her back with the knife she falls onto the floor. Her phone falls down you can hear Daniels voice saying "LET HER GOT, SHE DIDN'T DO ANYTHING" as he runs to her rescue.

As She's on the floor she says "Please don't kill me i've got a baby please don't do this to me" The man leaves her wounded on the floor as he crushes her phone into pieces while Daniel tries contacting her. Alison gets her self up and she sits on the bed in pain as the man comes back pulls her necklaces and pushes her out of the glass window as she hits the ground Daniel comes out of the car and is face to face with Alison's body,blood pouring out of her head, she died because of severe blood loss.

Daniel didn't make it in time to help her and now he blames him self. He goes out searching for the killer which he finally finds and beats him up and kills him. Daniel doesn't give him a chance to explain himself he leaves him there in agony to die. He goes to the hospital to see if Alison was okay. The doctor had come out to see Daniel, "I'm sorry Daniel we could help Alison she lost to much blood and a child" Daniel shocked "A child she was pregnant ?" Doctor was surprised "Yes didn't she tell you ?" Daniel sobbing "No i lost my wife and my unborn child" the Doctor comforts Daniel "She did leave you this not before she passed"

To Daniel

I know i may not survive this accidents but for me you need to complete my bucket list because thats all i wanted from my life, Then you came into it which was amazing i love you so much Daniela and just please help me with this bucket list i'll love you forever and whenever you miss me close your eyes and the wind that you feel on your face imagine thats me.

Love Alison

Daniel breaks into tears in the hospital and all the boys rush to the hospital to comfort Daniel.

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