The Wish Only Death Could FulFil

A girl who has cancer,who has a wish to fulfil her bucket list within a time limit of her life. Who runs into this guy Daniel a super confident yet scary hopeless romantic. She reveals to him that she has a terminal illness. Daniel helps her fulfil the bucket list and a twisted turn of events something tragic happens.


4. We need to get you some help

As Daniel patiently waits outside Alison's room. With his hand on his face the doctor makes his way "Doctor do you think you can help her" The doctor gets furious "How many times do i have to tell you i can't help you she can't get treatment!" Daniel gets angry at the doctor and pushes him towards the wall "I LOVE HER PLEASE HELP ME URGH PLEASE SHE..THIS,OH GOD PLEASE HELP ME" as Daniel releases the Doctor.

"You could try this hospital they might be able to help" Daniel starts to cry as he goes into the room Alison's in  "Alison i can help i'm going to get you out of here okay we will get you treated" As Daniel kisses her hand "Thank You Daniel my first love you're trying so hard" as she holds onto his face and tears roll down her face.

*Next day*

Daniel takes her to the other hospital and Alison gets Chemo, as she smiles entering the machine, Daniel smiles back. Her chemo started working and Alison got better they were at home the both of them. They had just moved in together Daniel told the boys the good news over the phone. They were so happy for Daniel and Alison. Daniel had gotten off the phone and was getting ready for the interview for a new job that he had wanted. As Alison's phone was ringing she picked it up "Hello?" "Hi Alison i need to tell you something its the hospital your results came back you're doing well but you're pregnant" Alison's face dropped

"I'm What" "Yes i don't think you can have the baby because your body is not strong enough" She says as the doctor sighs "I think you need to tell Daniel about this so he knows" Alison bites her lip "Alright i will" Daniel leaves for the interview and Alison did not tell him about the baby Alison wanted to tell him after he'd gotten back.

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