The Wish Only Death Could FulFil

A girl who has cancer,who has a wish to fulfil her bucket list within a time limit of her life. Who runs into this guy Daniel a super confident yet scary hopeless romantic. She reveals to him that she has a terminal illness. Daniel helps her fulfil the bucket list and a twisted turn of events something tragic happens.


3. The Way We Are

They go on a boat with Daniels car, Daniel didn't tell the others that he had met this girl and that he's going to help them with her bucket list. They make there way to a mental institute where Alison and this Old friend of hers is staying who wants to get married. "My friends stays here his parents put him in there he said he wants to get married, thats one of my tasks, unite two lovers" Daniel remembers seeing that in her book "Oh yeah i saw that on your book so how they going to get married are we organising it" Alison laughs "Yes silly i love him he's the sweetest he's got a girlfriend and everything"

Daniel looked confused "He's got a girlfriend what?" Alison drags Daniel out of the car and says "YEAH LETS GO!" Alison introduced Daniel to everyone there and the lovely couple who are getting married. They later get the venue and everything sorted. She puts on her dress gets the wife to be dressed and Daniel gets the husband to be dressed but doesn't get dress himself. The venue had finished and it looked amazing everyone came in smart clothes.

Daniel looked ahead and here came Alison with the bride. Daniel could not stop staring at her he had a song stuck at the back of his head that only played when Alison was there or he was thinking of her, Alison was his life Daniel felt true love at heart, he watched her as she brought the bride and groom together and they got married. "Gosh she looks beautiful" Daniel whispered. 

*Few days later*

They both make there way to a top of a hill to watch peacocks dance which was one of the things on Alison's bucket list. Daniel had gone ahead laughing and having fun while Alison was behind Daniel. He'd Gone and realised Alison hasn't caught up, Daniel turned "Oh My Gosh Alison" he ran towards her.Alison on the floor lying there "I'm okay" as her eyes were shutting "I just slipped" Daniel picks her up "I need to get you too the hospital" she holds on to him "No i need to go to the top i need to complete this" Daniel takes he to the top, and it starts to rain they both smile at each other.

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