The Wish Only Death Could FulFil

A girl who has cancer,who has a wish to fulfil her bucket list within a time limit of her life. Who runs into this guy Daniel a super confident yet scary hopeless romantic. She reveals to him that she has a terminal illness. Daniel helps her fulfil the bucket list and a twisted turn of events something tragic happens.


1. I'm Not Letting You Off Easy

Daniel enters the ground, getting into a fight with a man randomly, and punches him while everyone in the background is panicking, you see Jai,Beau,James & Luke running around like maniacs while a fire starts in the background. Daniel gets so pissed off that he pushes the man he was fighting into the fire and leaves immediately while the boys follow him out. 

*A year later*

After this incident had happened the mans mother had told the police about the murder of her son and Daniel was convicted of a crime but as the judge had asked her if he was in the room she had denied everything "Is the man who murdered your son in this room"

The Judge had asked the mother replied in confidence "No he's not here" Everyone shocked, Daniel's mouth opened wide "Oh my gosh" Daniel whispered to the boys. 

They all exit the room and the Mother comes up to Daniel "I know you're shocked about this whole thing but don't think i'm letting you off easy here Daniel" she nudges him and leaves. Daniel and the boys leave.

All of there faces were so innocent and yet shocked about what had just happened to them, Daniel gets angry he's Fuming at the moment and he punches the wall with all his rage. They boys try calming him down James holds down his shoulders and talks to Daniel "Daniel you need to calm down and stop raging be grateful that she denied everything and you're not in jail right now"

Daniel pushes James hand away and starts sobbing.

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