The Wish Only Death Could FulFil

A girl who has cancer,who has a wish to fulfil her bucket list within a time limit of her life. Who runs into this guy Daniel a super confident yet scary hopeless romantic. She reveals to him that she has a terminal illness. Daniel helps her fulfil the bucket list and a twisted turn of events something tragic happens.


2. Eyy villain

*3 years passed* 

Daniel had become a completely different person with his friends James,Luke, Jai &Beau he was different he went to anger management and got his anger issues sorted out and everything was fine.Daniel had gone out by himself and didn't tell the others he'd gone.

He walked near a riverside kicking stones into the water when he bumped into this girl a free spirited girl in love with life. She looked up and grabbed her book that had opened to "Unite two lovers" It was a book filled with things to do before she died. Daniel didn't really understand the concept. She took her Hand out "Hi i'm Alison" Daniel shook her hand "Hi i'm Daniel, can i ask you something?" He looked down at the book.

"Sure" she says as her white teeth sparkle as she smiles. Daniel smiles back "Whats that book about?" she brings it up and says "Oh this, these wishes i want to fulfil before i die, i don't have a long time to live because i've got this terminal illness you see Daniel..right" Alison showed Daniel the book as a tear ran down her cheek. Daniel was surprised yet completely turned on by the fact she is so happy go lucky with life.

Daniel wiped the tear of her cheek. Alison shouted "EYY villain" Alison knew Daniel from before when she had seen him at the court. She called Daniel a villain and wanted to show people she knew him. "Eyy villain" Daniel got really annoyed at her and he grabbed one arm put it against the wall and his hand on her mouth, Daniel talks with anger in his eyes and fear in hers

"You don't know what kind of shit i can do to you so stop calling me that i'm not a villain and now you can stop chasing me around because i've seen you in places but never knew you now stop following me"  "Now go from here" as he removes his hands. She smiles in excitement "Oh my gosh i knew you weren't like the others you're not soft and i love it this is why i need you" Daniel walks off as she follows him "See stop walking away from me and listen"

"So help me please Daniel its only you who can" as she does the puppy dog face, Daniel turns towards her "Fine i'll do it" She jumps on him and says "YAAAY"

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