5SOS by sophie&emily&annie

Sophie Annie and Emily move to Australia they meet two hot boys called luke and Michael something terrible happens to Michael Emily gets raped by ....... And Emily ends up marring ashton Sophie marries luke and Calum and Annie break up..✋������


7. Chapter 7

The next day they all went to the beach even ashton and Kirsty went. when they got there all Emily could think about was that night with ashton. Michael could see Emily was upset and took her I to the sea for a swim Michael slowly untied Emily bikini top and then her bottoms Emily pulled down Michael's pants and the started making out in the sea luke spotted them tapped Sophie on the shoulder and went "I think Emily's feeling better looks" and he pointed over at Michael and Emily. Luke and Sophie went and lay in the sandunes all aver each other whilst ashton Calum Annie &kirsty were all sat together witch was very awkward luke and Sophie came back they were both high as fuck no one knew what they had took but they were acting really funny :D the slowly undressed each other and had deep sensational sex in front of them but under a blanket.

Michael and Emily were still fucking in the sea Michael turned to Emily and said "Emily I love you" Emily's eyes filled up with tears and she said "I love you too Michael" and rapped her arms around him "you wouldn't hide anything from me would you?" Emily looked at Michael and burst into tears Michael says "what's wrong?" "Nothing" said Emily. Ashton starts a BBQ Michael comes up to ashton and says "hey bro Emily upset, why?" And ashton replies "because she's pregnant" Michael's jaw drops and says "how could she never tell me this is great" ashton replies "because it's my baby." Michael's eyes water and he begins to cry he runs away from ashton. Michael suddenly gets angry and takes Emily to hi house. Michael takes Emily upstairs slams the door Emily says to Michael "what's wrong Mikey" Michael slams Emily against the wall and says "how could you do this to me you little slapped" Emily starts to cry and says "Michael please forgive me I lo-" Michael interrupts "DONT SAY IT" "I love you" says Emily "I'm leaving you Emily" says Michael "please don't say that Michael" says Emily crying with fear Michael looks at Emily and says "you cheated on me" "I didn't cheat on you if ashton was my boyfriend" says Emily Michael replies "well I guess you want him the" Emily says with tears " don't do this baby" Michael says "Emily it's too late were over" Michael walls out slams the door both Michael and Emily brake down I'm tears Emily calls Sophie and Michael calls luke imedietly.

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