5SOS by sophie&emily&annie

Sophie Annie and Emily move to Australia they meet two hot boys called luke and Michael something terrible happens to Michael Emily gets raped by ....... And Emily ends up marring ashton Sophie marries luke and Calum and Annie break up..✋������


6. Chapter 6

That evening Emily went round to Ashton's and told him about the baby ashton grabbed Emily pushed her back in to the bed and fucked her brains out but Emily was saying "NO STOP PLEASE STOP ASHTON PLEASE DONT DO THIS" ashton stoped Emily ran our the hotel and straight to sophie&annies house in tears she told the girls about what happened but begged them not to tell Michael. Later on Annie went to meet up with Calum she was completely worried about Emily's situation with ashton Calum knew something was up with her and annoyed her UNTILL she told him eventually Annie blurted out "EMILY GOT RAPES BY ASHTON BUT PLEASE DONT TELL MICHAEL I WILL HATE YOU FOREVER IF YOU DO I SWEAR TO GOD CALUM". "I love it when your angry and worried baby" said Calum Annie hugged Calum and burst into tears calum made out with Annie for about 20 mins AGAIN!

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