5SOS by sophie&emily&annie

Sophie Annie and Emily move to Australia they meet two hot boys called luke and Michael something terrible happens to Michael Emily gets raped by ....... And Emily ends up marring ashton Sophie marries luke and Calum and Annie break up..✋������


5. Chapter 5

Saturday morning they all woke up couple by couple Luke was cooking them all breakfast in his boxer. Annie and Calum came down stairs Calum was chasing Annie he grabbed her and pulled her down onto the couch and made out for about 20 mins. Luke shouted Michael and Emily down but Emily was getting changed but Michael was pulling her clothes off her. Emily shouts Michael stop I think I'm pregnant. Michael's face went pale and blank he replies "WHAT!!!!" "Yeah but I don't know" says Emily. Michael walks down stairs and goes up to luke and says "Emily's not feeling well I'm gonna take her to the doctors" luke says "Oh god I hope she's okay". Later that day Michael took Emily to the doctors Emily got tested and she was pregnant Emily spoke to the doctor in private and told him she hasn't had unprotected sex with Michael but has with ashton and she's worried the doctor said get ashton down here and we will find out for you if the baby's Ashton's.

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