5SOS by sophie&emily&annie

Sophie Annie and Emily move to Australia they meet two hot boys called luke and Michael something terrible happens to Michael Emily gets raped by ....... And Emily ends up marring ashton Sophie marries luke and Calum and Annie break up..✋������


4. Chapter 4

Annie and Sophie arrive at the studio annie see's that Calum is asleep and puts the studio head phones on him and says "Calum wake up babe, I love you". He jumps up with glee and says back "I love you too beautiful". As Emily is sat on Michael's knee ashton walks in with Kirsty and see Emily on Michael's knee and says with sarcasm "didn't know you were here" turnes round and walks out again in a strop. Michael looks at Emily and says "don't worry babe he's in one of his moods he will soon get over it you know how they are" Emily sadly nodes her head. Annie is lay down on Calum and he is softly stroking her hair as we are all in the same room (awkward). Later that night luke Calum Michael Annie Sophie and Emily order a take away and watch a romantic film. When it all goes dark Annie starts to slowly unzips Calum's pants and then pulls his dick out and starts tossing him off Annie stands up and starts walking to the bedroom and Calum follows behind not knowing his dick is poking out luckily it's dark. As Annie starts to unbutton her top Calum slowly slides onto the bed and pulls Annie down she slowly and softly makes her way down to Callum's dick and starts sucking him off Annie hits a good spot and Calum screams "OH ANNIE BABY" and then shoots up realising the boys and there babes are downs stairs. Annie strokes his arm and says Calum calm down baby. As Sophie&Luke, Michael&Emily were watching the film Michael&Luke fell asleep emily started stroking Michael's dick and Michael suddenly woke up and him and Emily started making out Luke&Sophie were still asleep.

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