5SOS by sophie&emily&annie

Sophie Annie and Emily move to Australia they meet two hot boys called luke and Michael something terrible happens to Michael Emily gets raped by ....... And Emily ends up marring ashton Sophie marries luke and Calum and Annie break up..✋������


2. Chapter 2

As Emily and Michael got back to Michael's house they ate some pizza. Michael pounced on Emily like an angry tiger trying to escape from a cage. As she sucked hard on his neck he let out a big moan and screamed baby. Slowly he undid her bra and through it with almighty force onto the floor. But suddenly Emily's boyfriend came storming in and shouts "what the fuck are you doing with my girlfriend, Emily shoots up like she got an electric shock down her spine and shouts "ASTON WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE" crying with fear and guilt. "That's my best friend your fucking you huge slag" says ashton. But not knowing anything about this Emily says with a confused look "best friend?" "YES BEST FRIEND" replies ashton with a furious look..... As Emily rushes to find something to cover her self up with ashton throughs her his top. Ashton turns to Michael with tears rushing down his face "How could you do this to me Michael" Michael slowly walks out the room and turns to ashton and says "I'm so sorry bro" and shuts the door slides down it and calles luke imedietly. Aston turnes to Emily and says "why babe why?" Emily looks down and then back up at Aston "I don't know it all happend so fast, I'm sorry baby, I don't know what came over us" ashton walks out slamming the door behind him. Emily brakes down In tears

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