Marriage Law: Harry and Ginny

My take on the Marriage Law :) When Harry and Ginny discover that they have been paired for the new Marriage Law, they are ecstatic. But now their task is to raise a family... how will they cope throughout their marriage, and their children?


21. Harry: Reunited

A month later, I quit my job at Hogwarts so I can spend my time at home. We settle back into a usual routine with Eloise and Ginny hits her month and a half pregnany mark. The morning sickness sets in. 

It turns out, that man, he did kill one of them. One of the twins. Although knowing that she's only carrying one child now comforts us both secretly, because even though it's a wrench knowing that there used to be two, I don't think we'd  manage with three children under the age of two. 

When they're born, which will be around Christmas, Eloise will be almost two.

Today, we all apparate to the Burrow for lunch. 

Fleur and Nadine are excluded from the Law because they were already married when it came out, so they're the only ones who aren't pregnant. Ginny, Hermione, Angelina, Alicia and Penelope are all due about the same time, although our baby is due about two weeks after theirs.

"How's everyone feeling?" asks Mrs Weasley.

"Fine," is the bright reply from all the men as well as Fleur and Nadine.

"Tired," "sick," and "pregnant," issue from the other women's mouths.

"Like I could Bat-Bogey every person in the room right now," says a Ginny darkly, and I involuntarily shuffle my chair slightly away from hers. 

"It gets better," says Mrs Weasley happily. "Just think,"

Ginny groans. "Don't Mum, just don't."

"OK then... Pass the mustard Harry."

As I pass it to her past Ginny, Ginny turns a familiar green colour and leaps from her chair, followed by Alicia who it passes next. Fred and I follow quickly. 

Fred stops at the first bathroom and I run up another flight of stairs to find that Ginny hasn't made it to the bathroom and is being violently sick all over the floor. I vanish it quickly and help her into the bathroom where she retches over the toilet for a good five minutes. Much of it is dry-heaving and she leans over the toilet on all fours. 

Once she thinks she's done, we make our way back downstairs. Ginny looks very pale. As we reach the table we goes green again and spends another five minutes dry-heaving on the grass. 

Eventually she manages to sit at the table, pale and trembling. 

"Are you OK Gin?" asks George carefully.

"What do you think," she mutters. "I can't remember it being this bad with Eloise."

"You'd be surprised." says Penelope, smiling kindly. "I had it really bad with Sera."

"Ugh..." I groan, and put my head in my hands.


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