Marriage Law: Harry and Ginny

My take on the Marriage Law :) When Harry and Ginny discover that they have been paired for the new Marriage Law, they are ecstatic. But now their task is to raise a family... how will they cope throughout their marriage, and their children?


16. Harry: A Visit to Hogwarts

"It's so good to see you Harry!" McGonagall smiles. "And Miss Weasley too!"

"Mrs Potter," Ginny corrects.

"The Marriage Law?" she asks, and when we nod, she adds: "That would explain the baby."

"Oh! This is Eloise."

"Hello, Eloise," McGonagall smiles warmly. "I think many people disagree with the marriage law," she said.

"I don't." said Ginny instantly. "Well - mostly I don't. But hey, if there hadn't been one who knows how long it would have taken for this idiot to propose to me! And now we've got Eloise..." 

"I'm actually offended, Gin," I laugh. "But, I totally agree."

McGonagall laughs at us. "Ginny, would you kindly wait outside? I need to discuss Harry's new job with him."


As I leave McGonagall's office an owl lands on my shoulder. I read Ginny's letter . 'Hagrid's'.

As I walk down to Hagrid's in the sunshine I realise how much I've missed Hogwarts.

Ginny and Hagrid are sitting at the table but I am enveloped in a hug from Hagrid as I enter. It seems strange not to be greeted by Fang the boarhound as I always used to be. 

I haven't been to Hogwarts, or seen any of the Professors, since the final battle - six years ago now. 

"Harry! Last time I saw ye, yeh were on'y seventeen! An' jus' defeated You-Know-Who an' all!" 

"Hi, Hagrid. Oh, I've missed this, I really have."

"I've just said the same thing," Ginny grins from behind Hagrid's huge form.

"Jus' met Eloise," Hagrid grins as we sit down. "Looks jus' like yeh, Harry. Weasley hair, o' course. Anyway, how're Ron an' Hermione keepin'? Hermione still comes an' visits me a' least once a month. Good lass, she is."

I blush guiltily. "I should come and see you more often, I really should. I haven't been since... well, you know."

"Mem'ries," Hagrid smiles sadly. "Ah wasn't gonna come back - Hermione got me to do that, as well."

"I'm glad I'm coming back," I smile.

"I'm not," said Ginny. "You're leaving in a month. That leaves me alone with a three month old baby for the better part of a year. And every year after."

"You'll be fine." I assure her.

"You won't. You'll probably end up missing Eloise's first words - her first step - her first -"

"Do not say Christmas. Or birthday. I'm coming home for Christmas, and I will very definitely be coming home for her birthday in February."

"OK - but I'm still not happy about it..."

Hagrid laughs. "Neville manages - Ah'm sure yeh'll do jus' fine, Harry."

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