Marriage Law: Harry and Ginny

My take on the Marriage Law :) When Harry and Ginny discover that they have been paired for the new Marriage Law, they are ecstatic. But now their task is to raise a family... how will they cope throughout their marriage, and their children?


4. Ginny: Just Talking

"We've got eleven months left exactly." I stated, as Harry and I sat down for supper.

"What?" Harry looked up at me, confused.

"Don't pretend you didn't hear that, Harry. We were on honeymoon for a month. During that time Hermione, Angelina, Alicia and Penelope managed to get pregnant. Fleur was already pregnant. Charlie's wife... Nadine? She was already pregnant too. And me... I failed to get pregnant."

"So you're saying...?"

"We have eleven months." I nodded. "Well. Technically, two months. The baby's got to be born before our one year anniversary, hasn't it? Although I'd prefer it to happen in the next month, to be honest."

"Ginny, Ginny, stop! I get it, OK? I understand what you're saying."

"You do?" I asked, relieved. "I was just... worried, I suppose..."

"I know, Gin, I know. But if you want it to happen within the next month... well then, we'd better get started, hadn't we?"


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