Marriage Law: Harry and Ginny

My take on the Marriage Law :) When Harry and Ginny discover that they have been paired for the new Marriage Law, they are ecstatic. But now their task is to raise a family... how will they cope throughout their marriage, and their children?


17. Ginny: First Christmas

"Hey Eloise," I smooth her red hair down. "Guess what?"

My ten month old daughter looks up at me with intelligent green eyes and kicks her legs, smiling.

"Daddy's coming home today!" I say excitedly. Eloise hasn't seen Harry since he went to teach at Hogwarts in September. What if she doesn't remember him?

"So, we need to get you bathed and changed in time for Daddy getting home." I hold her close and take in those huge emerald eyes. "Have you missed him, El? I've missed him."

After her bath in the kitchen sink, I change her into a cute pink and white onesie, and wait.

Harry isn't home by lunchtime. As I sit down and start to breastfeed Eloise, I sigh deeply.

"Where'd you think your Daddy is, El? Do you think he's nearly here? I hope so. I've missed him so much, El. You've got your Daddy's eyes, you know. You remind me of him. But you've got my hair; Weasley hair. There's no escaping it I'm afraid Eloise!"

I laugh then sigh again. "Where is he?"

Suddenly warm hands cover my eyes. "Right here, my Ginbug."

I squeal and Eloise stops feeding, whimpering gently. I pull my top back down hastily and throw my arms around Harry. He hugs Eloise between us, and detaches her from my arms.

Instantly she brightens, smiling and kicking her arms and legs, her eyes shining. "She remembers me!" Harry exclaims, delighted.

"Of course she does, she's missed you. I've missed you."


The next day is Christmas. Eloise has a huge pile of gifts from all the family; there are less for Harry and I but we don't care, we're all together again and thats all that matters. We dress Eloise in a dress from my mother, a cute red velvet one with a matching bobble hat. 

Then, we apparate to the Burrow.


Eloise's first Christmas is wonderful. Spent at the Burrow with all our family, and the children too. Perry, Mark and Seraphine are one year old. Hugo, Sammy and Callum are one year two months, and Victoire is already one year and five months old. Eloise, at ten months, is by far the youngest.

After supper Mum sets up a playpen in the living room. Victoire toddles around while Hugo, Sammy and Callum take a few tottering steps and Perry, Mark and Seraphine pull themselves to their feet on the edges of the playpen. Eloise sits still playing with toys most of the time, occasionally trying to pull herself to her feet but always falling down again.

She starts to cry. I get to my feet and lift her up, and bring her back to sit on my lap. She starts to make her usual babbling sounds, occasionally forming the words 'Ma' and 'Da'.

She wriggles in my arms, and her little red hairband falls out of her hair. She has red curls, which are actually quite long. After fixing it back in her hair I set her on the floor. She promptly sits down. 

"Oh, come on Eloise! You're ten months old and you can't even walk yet!"

The family has already dispersed. Mum and Dad, along with Bill, Fleur and Alicia, are tidying up the dinner things. Charlie, Fred, George and Ron are outside playing two-a-side Quidditch. There's only me, Harry, Angelina, Hermione, Percy, Penelope and Nadine in here watching the kids. 

Gently I take Eloise's hands and carefully pull her up to her feet. I hold her there on wobbly legs. 

"I need to go feed the twins," said Nadine. 

"I think Sera needs fed too actually," says Penelope, and they leave with the twins, Sera and Percy.

Eloise sits back down. I wait a moment before helping her back up and very carefully, after giving her a moment to adjust, pull her forwards. She manages three, tottering steps before I catch her and pull her into my lap, a huge grin on my face.

"Well done Eloise, well done!"


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