Marriage Law: Harry and Ginny

My take on the Marriage Law :) When Harry and Ginny discover that they have been paired for the new Marriage Law, they are ecstatic. But now their task is to raise a family... how will they cope throughout their marriage, and their children?


2. Ginny: Being Prepared

"Come on, Gin, hurry up!" squealed Hermione. Ginny smiled and walked out of the room, laughing at her friend's impatience.

"OK, OK, I'm ready now, Mione!"

"Good, or I would have been forced to take you out in your pyjamas." Hermione giggled.

"You wouldn't!" Ginny giggled in mock horror. "OK, let's go! I'm so excited Mione, I'm finally getting my wedding dress!" 

"I've already got mine of course, it's only six days until my wedding, but you've got another sixteen days. Though it's always best to be prepared!"

"I'm glad we're finally going, because my mum tried to make me wear hers!" 

Hermione raised her eyebrows and the two girls apparated to the dress shop, still giggling.


Hermione calmed down immediately when she saw the shop woman looking at them, but it took Ginny another ten minutes to stop laughing. Then she straightened up and smiled with what she hoped was composure. "I'm sorry, I'm just so hyped... I'm finally getting married!" And she was off again.

Five minutes later Mrs Weasley arrived to help and Ginny was forced to stop laughing because of the disapproving looks her mother was giving her.

After she'd finally picked out a dress, she, Hermione and Mrs Weasley apparated to their separate homes. Harry and Ginny has just moved into their house. The moment Ginny appeared in the kitchen and gave Harry a hug. She was grinning and she reached up and pulled Harry into a kiss. It was passionate and long. When they broke away Harry grinned. Ginny blushed but he grabbed her, pressing her against the wall, and kissed her again. Ginny couldn't help herself; she slid her hand down the front of Harry's body. He raised his eyebrows suggestively then carried her to the bedroom.

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