Marriage Law: Harry and Ginny

My take on the Marriage Law :) When Harry and Ginny discover that they have been paired for the new Marriage Law, they are ecstatic. But now their task is to raise a family... how will they cope throughout their marriage, and their children?


20. Ginny: Anniversary Part 2 and Pain

When I wake up I'm in St Mungo's. I feel groggy and can't really remember what happened. 

My family are sitting round me. 

"You need to tell us what happened Ginny," says Mum seriously.

"I can't remember," I say honestly. "I don't know - and why am I here?"

"Where's Eloise?" asks Hermione. 

Everything suddenly comes flooding back to my and I feel my face pale. "They took Eloise!" I choke between sobs.

"Why did they take her?"

"I don't know, I don't know, he just came and told me he needed to take her, and I tried to run away but he took her anyway!" I say, my whole body shaking with sobs. 

"It's to do with the Marriage Law isn't it?" said Bill slowly. "It's because you're not pregnant."

"But I am!" I insist, curling up into the feral position.

"You can't be. You came to me Gin, because Harry wasn't there and you wouldn't be able to - you know - conceive if he wasn't."

"But I must be!" I cry miserably. "I went to Hogwarts to find him!"

"I can do a spell," says Hermione tentatively. "To check."

She slowly takes her wand from her pocket and mutters a few words. A jet of golden light flows from her wand and envelope my body. I take a great, shuddering gasp as a strange sensation rushes through me. 

Hermione frowns. "You are pregnant then," she says slowly. "And it's twins."

"Then why'd they take Eloise?" I sob.

Two weeks they keep me in there. My broken leg is healed easily but they want to keep an eye on me, for something or other. I spend every day curled up on that bed crying for my daughter. On the fifth day I'm in there they let me send Harry a Patronus. 

After I explain to him he spends every day at my bedside, refusing to leave. He contacts the Ministry. They reply by owl on my seventh day in there. 

Mr and Mrs Potter, We already know that you are pregnant and have no record of sending any worker out to take your daughter, as there was no reason to do this. We are sorry we can be of no more help.

When I read it Mum, Dad and Hermione, and Harry naturally, are with me. I crumple it up in my fist and start to cry again. Mum gently prises it from my hand and smooths it, and then they all read it. Harry pales instantly and walks out.

Its my last day. Harry's been at the Ministry every day since then. They have worked out that it is one of the very last remaining Death Eaters. They have sent the whole family into hiding at the Burrow with many protection charms, for once they have targeted us it is very likely that they will be targeted too. 

Then, on one of the rare occasions that I'm alone, an owl arrives. The letters have been cut out of the Daily Prophet. 'Mrs PoTteR, I hAve yOUr daUghTer. iF yOu eVer wANT to seE heR aGaIN seNd 10,000 gaLleOnS by retuRn oWL aNd I wiLl conSidEr iT.'

I swing my legs out of bed and stride away unnoticed. At Gringotts I remove 10,000 Galleons from our vault, slide them into an envelope along with a piece of parchment reading 'Here is the money, please tell me what I must do to get my daughter back.'

I pause and then tie it to the owl's leg. Then I go sit in Florean Fortescue's with an ice cream. The return owl reads 'YOu haVe sEnT thE MonEY, nOw cOMe to tHe ForBidDEn ForESt aT HogWArtS.'

I apparate outside the grounds and let myself in quietly. Hiding behind a tree, I see the same man in a clearing, with my baby tied to a tree. I step out.

"You got my message." he says coldly.

"Yes, now give me my daughter."

"Mama!" shrieks Eloise. 

"Maybe," the Death Eater muses, twirling his wand between his fingers.

"Please," I beg. 

The Death Eater turns to look at Eloise and I send a quick Patronus to Harry. He spins round. "I have decided."

"What?" I ask. "What?"

He points his wand at me before I can react and suddenly I am bound tightly by ropes and tied to the tree next to Eloise.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" I ask. "You were going to give me my daughter if I remember rightly."

"Yeah, and I am, later on. But you're staying here for a while."

"If I'm staying here do you at least have food? Only, I'm starved, and this ain't exactly the Three Broomsticks, is it?"

His eyes flash and suddenly I have a piece of cloth in my mouth, which is also tied round the tree.

Eloise starts to cry. "Mama!"

Suddenly she is gagged too. 

The sight of it reduces me to tears. They pour silently down my face as Eloise struggles in vain.

Then somebody rushes out of the trees, his eyes flashing with anger, and throws himself at the Death Eater.

Several others pour out of the trees, shouting. I recognise Mum, Dad, Harry, Hermione, Ron, George, Fred and McGonagall. There is suddenly lots of shouting. Eloise starts to cry and her binds snake away as Hermione points her wand at them. She grabs my daughter and retreats to a safe distance. From the corner of my eye I see the Death Eater point his wand at me. He seems to have hit me with two curses at once. First I am hit with excrutiating pain, and then a rope snakes round my neck, constricting so I can't breathe, and the pain won't stop. The rope round my mouth snakes away and I start to scream, as loud as I can, so it drowns out any other noise. It hurts to scream and the rope constricts tighter and suddenly I can't breathe at all and the last thing I see before I slip into unconsciousness is everyone stopping at staring at me.


I'm in St Mungos again when I wake up. "He killed them, didn't he," I whisper, clutching my stomach. "He killed them."

Hermione blinks sadly. "One of them."

"Where's Eloise?"


Harry passes her to me and I pull her close as the Healer forces a sleep potion down my throat.

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