Marriage Law: Harry and Ginny

My take on the Marriage Law :) When Harry and Ginny discover that they have been paired for the new Marriage Law, they are ecstatic. But now their task is to raise a family... how will they cope throughout their marriage, and their children?


22. Ginny: All That All Over Again

By the 5-month mark, I'm bigger than any of my sisters-in-laws. The Healers tell me that it's because, even though one of the twins is very definitely dead, it's staying in the womb. I've seen the scans; the tiny, undeveloped, dead baby is resting at the back of my womb, and the live, developing baby is curled round it, causing my stomach to protrude more because of its position.

My morning sickness is gone, thankfully, because it was terrible.

Though, carrying a baby in August feels like a punishment in itself; I am boiling hot all the time and in a horrible mood. 

It's the same as with Eloise, only pretty much ten times worse. 

"Harry," I say seriously, downing another glass of water. "I think Merlin is punishing me."

He laughs as he joins me inside with Eloise in his arms. He's much less overprotective than last time which is a good thing in my opinion.

Though he's still prepared - last week he bought loads of paint and took it up to what will be the baby's room. He's sealed the door with a charm only he can break, and won't let me in.

Next week we'll find out the baby's gender - then, Harry will start to paint.

I've discussed it with him but he won't tell me anything.


"It's a girl," says Harry joyfully. "Another little girl!"

"Oh Merlin, you were like this the first time!" I groan.

"Hear that Eloise?" he grins. "You're getting a baby sister!"

At the Burrow, for lunch, we all discover the genders. 

"Youngest first," they grin at me.

"OK, then..." I beam. "It's a girl."

Hermione is having a girl, too; Alicia's is a boy, as is Angelina's; and Penelope is expecting a boy, too.

"Hey Ginbug," says George, grinning. 

"How's it gonna be to have another girl?" says Fred.

"I know you've always wanted a son and so's Harry." George adds. 

Harry and I glance at each other. I see the sudden sadness in his eyes, and know that my own mirror him.

I take a shuddering gasp. "They took it out - the other one... They think it would have been a boy."

Everyone has gone so still, so quiet. 

I continue: "It was so small," I hold my fingers apart to show them. "They had to do it magically, otherwise it would have made me I into labour with the other one. If it had been any bigger it would have had to stay there."

"Sorry we brought it up..."

"No, it's fine," I give them a genuine smile. "I needed that - to say something... It helped, really it did. So how's pregnancy treating you all?"

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