Mysterious Notes

BLURB: James Bronton is just a boy who lives in an orphanage, he doesn't know his father. He has always known though that something was different, maybe it was his hero. What happens though when he and his hero have more in common than he thought?
Disclaimer to Sherlock, Donovan, Anderson, Lestrade, Mrs Hudson, Mycroft, John, Mary and to the references to past cases from the TV show (A Study In Pink.) To the references to part of the films with Robert Downey Jr in i.e the ways he sees the fights before they actually happen.


7. 7.

"I don't get what you're saying. You've just said that the guy responsible for my mother’s death is still out on the streets. That's not true." 

      Lestrade shakes his head looking away from him.

      "'re kidding me." 

      He shakes his head again turning around with a sigh. "I'm not James, I'm sorry. I don't know how else to say it but the guy we originally arrested wasn't the one apparently." 

      I look at him the memories of the night itching to come forward. "I told those idiots that the guy they arrested had been set up." I smile slightly taking a step back. "I'd have thought that you would've been cleverer than-"

      "Yeah but-"

      "Yeah but nothing!" I take another step back. "If you can't make up your mind about this, then I'll do it on my own."

      The sandy haired man stared at me in surprise as he stood next to us.

      "After all I knew the guy you arrested wasn't the right one. I knew your idiot police officers wouldn't listen, but I still tried to tell them. What's happened to the guy who was originally arrested?"

      "He died a few years ago...we thought it would be best not to tell you-hang on why did you find his lessons boring? Your last school told me you enjoyed Biology-"

      I nod.

      "Then why did you walk out-"

      Both men look at me strangely.

      "The teacher is an idiot. Why don't we focus on what we know?" I point towards the graveyard.

      "If the teacher is an idiot then why did you come to my lesson?"

      I turn around in surprise as the teacher walks towards us. 

      "I didn't realize you would be teaching it."

      "That's a shame for you isn't it?" He smiled at us. "Now Gavin-"

      "It's Greg. James don't you have other lessons to go to?"

      I shrug. "I would rather be here than at school while idiots try to solve a case. I'm guessing the guy you're after is going to be here. Why else would you be waiting here?"

      Lestrade looked towards the teacher. "Sherlock Holmes meet James Bronton. James, Sherlock is a colleague of ours-"

      "Actually I'm probably more than a colleague as I have to do everything for you." He looks down at his phone quickly. "John you have to go. Mrs. Hudson wants you to get her some milk..."

      John looked at him before going to walk away. "Sherlock." He said. "Be a good boy and don't annoy the police officers." 

      Sherlock looked at him with a frown, he then turned to Lestrade. "I'll keep you in the loop. There isn't much here to suggest that this man, whoever he is would come here. Your anonymous tip off was useless."

      I watch him as he turns his coat collar up, the realization hitting me. "He was the guy from that house."

      Lestrade looks at me in surprise. "I'd have thought you would've worked that part out earlier."

      "What's that supposed to mean?"  I ask, following him towards his car.

      "Sherlock Holmes isn't the type of person to blend into a crowd. He stands out."  He pauses for a second as he opens the door. "I'm taking you home."

      "Why?" I ask opening my door going to climb into the car.

      Lestrade winds the window down. "Don't ask why, just get in and be quiet." I roll my eyes doing as he asks.

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