Mysterious Notes

BLURB: James Bronton is just a boy who lives in an orphanage, he doesn't know his father. He has always known though that something was different, maybe it was his hero. What happens though when he and his hero have more in common than he thought?
Disclaimer to Sherlock, Donovan, Anderson, Lestrade, Mrs Hudson, Mycroft, John, Mary and to the references to past cases from the TV show (A Study In Pink.) To the references to part of the films with Robert Downey Jr in i.e the ways he sees the fights before they actually happen.


5. 5.


      I turn around watching as she smiles at me.

      "I'd have thought that you would've wanted to stay in the lesson. You looked pretty interested in what he had to say."

      I flash a small smile at her.

      "I was pretty interested...but that was before you came into the room."

      She places a hand over her heart feigning a shocked look.

      "You could tell me who you are Miss...?"

      She laughs at me taking a step forward.

      "That's something for me to know."

      My eyebrows furrow as I search for something to give me a clue to who she is.

      "There's no need to skip around the question and be polite. Just come out with it. Go on you know you want to, ask me what you want to know. Say 'what is your name?' Everyone else does."

      "If I was to do that I would be doing something that you want me to. It would almost be like obeying authority, something I don't like doing."

      I smile at her before turning around and placing my hands in my pocket.

      "Thanks for everything."

      She stares at me for a second "I didn't give you anything."

      I turn around quickly. " gave me more than enough. For example, just expanding on what the teacher said, your clothes are ripped in certain places. Not that they were intended to be like- whoa what the hell was that for?!" I hold my stomach as the pain fades slightly.

      She laughs slightly before turning around.

      "Well, are you going to answer it?" 

      She glances at me "why would I do that?" She asks "you stick your head into everyone's business. It's not always the best thing to do."

      I watch her as she spits at the floor before carrying on forwards not looking behind at me. 

      "I've got absolutely nothing."


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