Mysterious Notes

BLURB: James Bronton is just a boy who lives in an orphanage, he doesn't know his father. He has always known though that something was different, maybe it was his hero. What happens though when he and his hero have more in common than he thought?
Disclaimer to Sherlock, Donovan, Anderson, Lestrade, Mrs Hudson, Mycroft, John, Mary and to the references to past cases from the TV show (A Study In Pink.) To the references to part of the films with Robert Downey Jr in i.e the ways he sees the fights before they actually happen.


4. 4.

"Well this is boring!"

       Everyone looks up at the teacher, it's the same one who came to the fight. He's apparently a Biology teacher here...what's his name I'm sure Lestrade called him something. I shake my head as the teacher stands up, it must've slipped my mind.

       "So Mr. Bronton, it says here that you are a straight A student. Tell me, do you like science?" 

       "Would I get A's if I didn't like science?" I ask him back.

       I watch as he furrows his eyebrows at me.

       "I have to admit you look clever but...I'd say really you're just as primitive as they are really."

       He releases a short laugh before turning his attention back to the class.

       "Right so I have decided that today we should have an experiment lesson."

           He turns around.

           "Oh and Johnson I want the phone on my desk now."

           The boy stood up, walking towards the desk slowly.

           "Actually you can keep it. Maybe you can take a few pictures of the experiment we're about to do and-yes!"

           A young woman walks in slowly.

          "Sorry I'm late sir. My mom was sick-"

           "Everyone gets sick but your mother wasn't sick. In fact you weren't even with your mother last night. Were you?"

           The young woman looks at him confused. Her hand pushing the bright purple dip dyed hair behind her ear as she stares at him confused.

           "Let's be honest now, shall we? You're make up has been left on suggesting that you didn't have any with you. Your breath is frankly horrific as it smells of drugs and alcohol. Then we can look at your clothes. Is that even a piece of clothing? It's so-"

           "Do you like it Sir-?" A sudden confidence surfacing, enveloping her as she smirks at him.

           "No, quite frankly I find it disgusting, go and get dressed properly. I believe the Heads of year’s office will have some more...appropriate skirts."

           The girl glances towards me as he carries on talking to her. Occasionally she would nod her head like she was paying attention, but her entire body language told another story.

           "Don't you have somewhere to go?"

           "No sir, I don't think I do."

            I shiver as her eye contact remains on me. I watch as the teacher shifts his weight onto the other foot.

            "I think I'll sit here today...say are you the new kid who beat those three sorry losers up?"

             I nod a smirk on my face as she looks at me curiously.

             "Go to the Heads of year’s office now!"

             We both jump, looking up at the teacher as his outburst continues. She smiles at me before walking out of the classroom. There's something about her that intrigues me, she seems confident. A confidence I've not seen before.

              "Mr. Bronton, if you wouldn't like to join this class then I would like you to leave."

              I look at him, my mind telling me to stay in the room, my body rebelling as I stand up running after her.

              "Mr. Bronton!"

              I ignore him as I look for her.


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