Mysterious Notes

BLURB: James Bronton is just a boy who lives in an orphanage, he doesn't know his father. He has always known though that something was different, maybe it was his hero. What happens though when he and his hero have more in common than he thought?
Disclaimer to Sherlock, Donovan, Anderson, Lestrade, Mrs Hudson, Mycroft, John, Mary and to the references to past cases from the TV show (A Study In Pink.) To the references to part of the films with Robert Downey Jr in i.e the ways he sees the fights before they actually happen.


3. 3.

“So let me get this straight… I am being transferred from Lionel’s high school to St. Bart’s high school for the smart?”

        Lestrade nodded his head slowly.

       “Ok so I am a straight A student but really? I am happy enough to be at my school! I’m no way am I going to a school full of pea brained stuck up idiots! There’s just no way! Sorry Gary but really I am not going to some school for pompous simpletons! There is just no way th-”

       “One my name is Greg! I told you this in the car when I picked you up yesterday. Not Gerald, not Gary! Just normal old Greg! Two you will be going to the school because you have been transferred already. There is no school uniform you can wear your own clothes, the lessons you have been signed up for are: psychology, biology, English, maths, chemistry and geography. Now no more arguing.”

       I sigh defeated and head up to my room. It’s only been a day and I have been transferred to a new school with a new family. Just brilliant, can this day get any worse?

       “James hurry up I’m dropping you off! Unlike some I have to keep my job!”

       Man scrap the last one, can he get any more demanding?

Lestrade drops me off at a school that looks like it is an old mansion. This is going to be so fun, can’t wait! I slowly walk up to the school building making sure that I know things about people. I turn around to see Lestrade watching me, we make eye contact before he drives off leaving me. I walk into someone by accident.

      “Watch it idiot! For the love of- oh look boys it’s a newbie.”

      I look up at three tall boys my age. The way they comb their hair and dress tells me they’re popular kids, the sport’s top possibly containing the school sports team logo means they’re on the school sports team. Hmm what else... oh and look at this the sparkle in their eye suggests they are thoroughly loving this.

The next bit happens in slow motion, the middle one launches a punch which I duck under and twist their arm. The next one is pushed into the wall and they attempt to kick me so I lift their leg up causing them to fall, one sprained ankle. The last one goes at me with an uppercut, I push it down and land a round house to the groin; they’re in pain and go to the floor.

      I take the opportunity to land a kick the left side of the face, knocking them out and breaking their nose. The whole thing stopped playing in my mind and I didn’t waste time putting it into action. It all happened faster than expected, a group of people crowded around us and I heard a whistle blow. I look up to see a man dressed in a long coat, he looks familiar….wait it’s that guy from the crime scene the one that deduced everything about that woman. Why is he here?

     “Mr. Bronton I presume?” He asks me, his tone emotionless.

     I nod my head, he looks at the damage done to the boys.

     “One broken jaw, a broken nose and a few minor bruises. Hmm what to do with you? Ahh I know let’s forget this ever happened, the boys will be taken to the medical room and you will attend a detention after school at my classroom.”

     How does he know who I am? I’m new and it’s exactly like yesterday with the body. He only took one glance at the boys and knew their injuries. Is he like me? Who is he? I nod and quickly run into the main building, I get lost a few times but manage to make it to the head teacher’s office. I knock and hear someone telling me I can go in, I slowly open the door and watch them as they extend a hand to me.

      “You’re supposed to shake it Mr Bronton.”

      I look at them.

      “Look I can tell that you are very new to this sort of thing but here at St. Bart’s high we believe it to be a sign of respect to shake the hand of the head teacher or head boy and girl.”

      I look at her, hmm let’s see, alcoholic, she smokes. This is interesting, by the look of how she dresses she hates her job yet for some reason she dresses to impress. Who is she trying to impress? That is the question, I can smell a cologne, it’s for men hang on… I’ve smelt this before! Think James, think oh I know! She is with that maths teacher I met, what was his name? Ahh yes his name was Christian Brown. Wow she’s a cheat too, I notice she is still talking to me.     

     “However none of that matters now. I hope you will fit in here, Mr Bronton.”

     I smile at her smugly “yes, I believe I will. Tell me how is Mr Brown? Is he well?”

     She looks at me surprised, I look at her.

    “Oh come on don’t be like that! The cologne you wear is the same one that Mr Brown wore the day he came to adopt a child at our orphanage. Put that with the way that it is a man’s cologne and the fact that it is obvious you hate your job, yet you are trying to dress to impress suggests there is another person. It can’t be your husband no, you hate him, he loves you and would do anything for you yet you hate him, in fact! You despise him, is it he is annoying or a bit of a nerd. No! You are in love with his best friend! You disgust me.”

     I walk over to the door and open it to a medium height blonde haired man, he’s a business man. He wears a suit that he always keeps in perfect condition, perfectionist.

    “Here is a lawyer’s card a think it would be good for you to use this effective immediately.”

     I turn to look at her.

    “Yes I know I will fit in perfectly. Good day to both of you.”

    I turn back around and walk out of the office.

There are a group of teachers around me start beaming at me, I look at all them and chuckle. They all hate her, we all start to stare at the office door I had come out of as a load of shouting erupts. I look back at them and walk off, as I walk past them one of them hand me my schedule and diary. This may turn out to be a brilliant first day, I’ve had quite a morning.

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