Mysterious Notes

BLURB: James Bronton is just a boy who lives in an orphanage, he doesn't know his father. He has always known though that something was different, maybe it was his hero. What happens though when he and his hero have more in common than he thought?
Disclaimer to Sherlock, Donovan, Anderson, Lestrade, Mrs Hudson, Mycroft, John, Mary and to the references to past cases from the TV show (A Study In Pink.) To the references to part of the films with Robert Downey Jr in i.e the ways he sees the fights before they actually happen.


2. 2.

“So where are we going again?” I ask for the third time, I’m so bored and Lestrade won’t tell me where we are going. I hate not knowing! Literally, I like being about in control of my life. Then again I never have been.

     Lestrade looks at me as his phone signals a message, I take it out and read the text to him.                              

     “All it says is ‘where did you go? These idiots won’t listen to me, they think they know better. SH’ who is this?”

     Lestrade looks at me with a raised eyebrow.

     “Well it wasn’t exactly hard, I reckon even the worst hackers would be able to hack this within a second.”

We pull up outside of a three story house, it looks nice. Except something bad has happened here, it wouldn’t take a genius to realize that. I mean a place crowded with police officers and the place being taped up would suggest to anyone that something had happened. I go to get up when I realize Lestrade is already out, I hear the door click and realize he’s locked me in.

     “Look you can’t come in as you’ve probably guessed I’m sort of a policeman. This is my job and as much as I have allowed a couple of unauthorized people in, I can’t let you in. Now stay here and be a good-”

     “Don’t try to mollycoddle me I’m not a little boy anymore! But because you have locked me in and only because you have locked me in, I will stay here and play the good little boy for you. Oh and I also know you’re not a policeman you’re a detective inspector. Have fun, hopefully one day I will be able to come in, as I very much would like to.”

      Lestrade chuckled at me then said something that took me by surprise.

      “Of course you would. You’re just like him you know?”

      He walked off quickly and met up with a woman I can’t make anything out about her all I know is that she called him boss. That last sentence keeps replaying in my head. Who is he? And why would I be just like him? More importantly how does he know that I would like to be in there? I have to check something out, I fiddle with the door eventually managing to turn off the manually turn off the lock.

      I quickly run out carefully closing the door and running to the window. Nothing here they must be further on up, now the question is how to see what is happening? Hmm… that’s it! A place like this must have a back garden. I trail towards an alleyway, oh and look here a back gate. I quickly climb over it and run towards a big tree. I climb it and take a look in the next window, ah there they are! Just my luck if you can call it that, is that what this is called? Luck? Strange word.

“Look! Why must everyone be idiots around here?! The ring is taken off that is how it is cleaned, this woman is like Jennifer Wilson from the taxi case or whatever John called it in his silly blog! An unhappy marriage of nine years!”

      Lestrade looks at the man annoyed, he has dark red curly hair and blue eyes.

      “Why can’t people just think?! Look at her clearly the idiots over there are wrong this woman was coming home from work. It was raining but her hair is only damp, meaning she only just got in when the killer attacked. Think about it! The only place that she would’ve come from would have been work. The only thing is that she would have had to be here for a bit, obviously she had a good job. Oh… that is clever! Whoever it was knew what they were doing! Look at her she wasn’t beaten neither were the other two. No, the killer used this to their advantage! The husbands are fine, they’re innocent release them! I’ll keep you in the loop Lestrade as always!”

     With that he ran out of the room another man in pursuit. By the way he acted and looked he must have been an arrogant person, however I have to admit he is clever. His collar turned upwards looked pretty cool. The way he told Lestrade that he would keep him in the loop and Lestrade’s face afterwards suggests that Lestrade won’t be ‘kept in the loop’ so to speak.

I panic as Lestrade starts to walk off, I jump down and race back to the car. Damn! He just beat me! Lestrade turns around searching for me, I quickly walk up to him.

      “I told you to stay in the car! I’ve had enough of Sherlock not listening! Then you don’t stay in the car! Seriously your mom isn’t here to help you out James! For crying out loud these things are put into precaution to keep you safe! Now.”

       He calms down as I stare at him frustrated.

       “Please get into the car. We will go back to my place, you will be staying there ok?”

       I shrug, he’s already annoyed me. I’ll just get revenge another way, I can’t believe he brought mom into this. Talk about invading privacy much! I sit there my head against the window thinking about Mom, why did he bring her into it? He didn’t have to, he could’ve just talked to me. The biggest question is why is he comparing me to this Sherlock?

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