This is another short story of mine to do with Eddie and Luc
DISCLAIMER: to the Holby City characters: Luc, Eddie and Sacha


1. Why?

Eddie stirred she ached all over. “Must be from all the previous week’s binges” she thought, ever since Luc had left four weeks ago. She had been under a lot of stress plus her anger had worsened. She’d had a go at five nurses over petty things. Even though Eddie hadn’t wanted to forget Luc or all the time they had spent together, she knew she had to and the alcohol helped her to do that. Reluctantly she decided to drag herself to work. As she entered the car park she noticed that something was parked in the place where Luc used to park his caravan panic set in “what if he’s back? What will I do?” all these thoughts raced her head. Eddie just wanted to walk on and ignore it but Luc Hemmingway wasn’t the type that you could just forget. Something inside compelled her to the idea of investigating the strange thing.

As she rounded the corner more panic rose up. What she saw would shock anyone it was Luc Hemmingway. Eddie’s panic soon turned to anger so she picked a medium sized stone and threw it at the caravan. Luc turned around as it hit the windscreen and bounced off the windscreen. “Eddie...” Luc didn’t have time to finish his sentence as he had to throw himself at the ground as Eddi hurled a large stone at his head.

“Why? Why are you here Luc? After all these weeks you finally show your face around here. I never wanted to see you; I wanted to forget all about you. Why didn’t you just stay wherever you had gone to? Why return?” She shouted at a guilty looking Luc.

“Eddie please I will explain everything please. I promise, please give me another chance. I need to wake up some mornings next to you; I need to be with you, my Eddie.” Eddie looked at the man, he abandons her without any goodbyes or reasons and then out of the blue he just returns to be with her. More like he left because he couldn’t find anything good enough for him then returns for her. Typical of him. Luc stepped forward he opened his arms indicating that he wanted a hug. Eddie stepped forward to but she felt bitter inside and she wasn’t about to give him a hug. ‘Smack’ Eddie slapped Luc angered once again. “What was that for? What have I done?! I’ve had enough of all this fighting!”  Luc had taken this badly, she watched as he stormed off climbed into his caravan slamming the door.

Eddie realised what she had done; yes she was angry but there was something else with it. Eddie turned around running into the hospital not looking where she was going. Eddie wanted to get away from there. From the car park. “Eddie. Are you ok?”

She looked up; it was Sacha “I’m fine Sacha, really. It’s ok.” Sacha looked surprised and curious as well.

“So you haven’t seen him then?”

Eddie looked at him. “Seen who?”

“Luc its great isn’t it. He’s back, finally he’s come back.” Eddie shrugged at Sacha who had replied in the usual joyful tone, a smile tugging at his lips.

“No I haven’t seen him. I don’t really care anyway. Now excuse me.” Eddie flustered. She carried on going half running, half walking. By the time Eddie stopped trying to escape she had reached the roof. Her hand gripped around the handle and she turned then pushed it wide open. She wasn’t sure why she had come back up here but she had. Eddie ran forward and sat on the step her head fell into her hands why did she do it? What was the point of throwing the stone at him and telling him she never wanted to see him again? It was all a lie, deep down inside she didn’t want to admit it but she knew it was. “Sorry” she whispered.

“I know. I was away because I had to have some space. I needed to get my life together you know back on track. Everything had been a bit of a shock I guess..” Eddie turned around staring at Luc; he had come back, Luc stepped forward and took her into his arms she smiled then he kissed her.

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