Broken glass

Cause your love makes me feel like i'm walking on broken glass.


1. Coloures of the world

The wind moaned from a crack in the door. She laid there shaking, for what felt like years, when it finally stopped. In one second, the air was as thick as smoke and stood still, as if time was frozen.
She felt the duvet slowly getting heavy around her body. The sweat dripping from her warm stomach, running down her chubby thighs. She was scared, scared of what she heard. The wooden floor creaked when footsteps slowly sneaked closer and closer. She tried to scream, but no sound came out. She hid under the steaming duvet, too scared to move a muscle. She felt the breath of a creature, and suddenly a hand gently touched her shoulder. She jumped up and removed the duvet, but what met her was not what she expected. All around her there were trees, trees in all colours of the world. High, very high up above the treetops, she could glimpse the sky in a sea of shadows. She felt a storm of heat, slowly crawling up from the inside. Joy. She danced around on the cold wet ground, while she sang a song from an ancient tale. She unexpectedly started to spin, without the strength to stop.

She spun and spun until the trees looked like they were lit up like a million coloured diamonds on a dark night sky.
Laughing, she fell down to the ground, and there she fell in a deep dreamless sleep.


She woke to the sound of music, but she did not move. She kept her eyes shut and was too horrified to breathe. For a moment, she could not remember where she was, but then it hit her like thunder from a clear sky. The forest, the trees, the dancing, and the spinning. Slowly she opened her eyes, and a scream escaped from her lungs. Around her, there were millions, no billions of pieces of broken glass. She felt pain all over her body, but when she looked down upon herself, there was nothing to see. No blood, no wounds. She slowly got up from the ground. Terrified she took a step, but nothing happened. Carefully she started to walk, with no plan of where to go.

There was nothing to see for miles ahead, just pieces of broken glass everywhere, blinking in a million different colours from the light from the burning sun. After miles and miles of walking, she occasionally got glimpse of something tall, blinking in the distance. The closer she got, the more she could see what it was. It was a beautiful tall oak tree. Not a normal one like you would think of, no. A ginormous oak tree, made out of broken glass. When she stood just beneath it, she suddenly knew what to do. She started climbing, she felt the pain burning through her body, but she ignored it. She just kept on climbing until she felt the sun on her face, she closed her eyes, just enjoying it for a moment and when she opened up her eyes, she woke up, home.


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