We meet again

When lira is at the airport she bumps into Harr styles, but instead of the pair never seeing each other again they always seem to bump Into each other many times after, will something come of these meetings or will bad things form


1. the meeting

(Lira's pov)

"Lira hurry up or you'll be late!"

Yes I'm coming I yelled back to my auntie, I was leaving to go live in America with my best friend, and was not looking forward for the long plane ride there.

Even though I am 19 years old it is still pretty young to moving to a different country, my parents died when I was younger, so my auntie took over looking after me and was not impressed with me moving.

"Alright now call me as soon as you get there, I love you heaps" my auntie said while shuffling me out the door.

As I arrived at the airport I realized I had 5 minutes until I had to be on the plane, shit I cursed and started running until I bumped into a man.

(Harry's pov)

As the boys and I were walking to nando's cause Niall was hungry as always, I bumped into this girl and her bag went flying off her shoulder and her stuff flying out of it, she quickly bent picking up her things cursing and apologizing.

"I'm sorry, really really sorry" she kept saying until she gathered most of things but one and looked up, as soon as she saw me her eyes grew wide and she started apologizing again

Really it's fine I said and smiled, Harry I said and pulled out my hand for her to shake it.

(Lira's pov)

Fuck. Did I have to completely embarrass myself in front of harry styles, he is even better in person, and he is such a perfect smile omg, love at first sight I reckon, I must have been starting for too long cause he still had his hand out, sorry again wow I said and took his hand and shook it

"Lira" I said, Harry flashed that killer smile again "that's a beautiful name" he said we stared shaking hands for a minute until I realized I had to catch my plane, wow I am so sorry I have gotta go thankyou for helping me bye, I said and smiled while rushing off

(Harry's pov)

Lira what a pretty name and gosh she was gorgeous, I stood there for a minute thinking about the clumsy girl I had just met until something hit me in the head, I turned around and Niall hit me in the head with his nando's bag "come on mate stop day dreaming about the hot girl and let's get moving"

We made sure we had all of our bags and then went to gate 5 to board our plane.

*authors note*

Hey Guys so I originally wrote this fan fiction a while ago but I wasn't happy with it so I started again, please tell me how you think it is, like and comment and favorite and all that, would appreciate it heaps thanks guys xxx

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