Bullied 😢

She is a average girl just trying fit in but that has been very tough on her. She is the nerd one in the school she gets bullied everyday by 4 boys, Calum Hood, Ashton Irwin, Michael Clifford and the most worst one yet Luke Hemmings


30. chapter 25


I was soon on the floor kick after kick after kick my eye sight became blurry and my ears are starting to ring is this a sign of death?

"STOP GUYS YOUR GOING TO KILL HER STOP!!!!!!" it sounded like Lukes voice

Then I blacked out is this the end? I thought over and over


Lukes p.o.v.

I was actually feeling really concerned and bad for Layla to be honest I don't even know whye and the guys have been bullying her for all these years and months.

After the boys kept on kicking her and punching her I had to yell at them to stop because they were getting to the point that she would've died.

After I told the boys all to stop they had a go at me saying

"Eww why the fuck would you stick up for that slut"

Ashton punched me and they walked back down the ally way.

I layed on the floor next to Layla and though of all the reasons why we did bully her or why we even layed a hand on the poor girl. She didn't deserve all the hate that we've been giving her.

I had to do the right thing and that was to pick the poor girl up and take her back toy house because I couldn't just leave her in the cold letting her freeze to death.

It's lucky that my parents were on a trip because they would've seen me with a girl in my hands all bloody. I took her up to my bathroom to clean her all up.

After I cleaned Layla all up i took her to my room and I found some clean socks and rapped them around my eyes so I couldn't see anything. I took a blink 182 top and put that on her and some boxers and put them on her. I couldn't see what was underneath cause I had a sock blind fold on. I'm respectful of girls body's.

I put the blanket over her and walked down stairs and watched TV.

Layla's p.o.v

I feel so light headed and so drowsy I forgot what happened all I remember is me on the swing and I can't remember much more. I opened my eyes to see nothing that looked familiar I started to freak the hell out I couldn't hold the scream in any longer and the room filled with my scream.....



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