Bullied 😢

She is a average girl just trying fit in but that has been very tough on her. She is the nerd one in the school she gets bullied everyday by 4 boys, Calum Hood, Ashton Irwin, Michael Clifford and the most worst one yet Luke Hemmings


28. chapter 24


Don't walk off on us when where talking to you Layla meet us be hide the field for your punishment and if you don't you wished that you never came to this school" he said while grabbing my hair and whispering the details

Great today is not going how it planned I walked off to my 1st class and thinking really hard hardly paying attenuation to the teacher.......


Layla's p.o.v

It was so close to the end of the day I was kind of scared but kind of happy that I walked off on them. It was lunchtime I go to my locker seeing two people nearly having sex against my locker.

"Excuse me" I said to the couple making out

"Excuse me!" I said once again getting there attention

"What do you want!" The girl said harshly

"For you to stop having sex on my fucking locker barbie doll" I said harshly back with sassiness

"Whatever loner" she said while walking into the closet with her boy toy

I open my locker and chucked my books in not caring that it is messy at all. I open my bag to get $10 out for food and then walk into the cafiteria

I see one of my new friends Lizzy, Peta, maddy and sharna from a far. I walked up to them and grabbing a seat and sitting down next to PETA and sharna.

"Hey Layla" they say like all at the same time

"Okay that was just creepy" I say looking at all of them wide eyeded

"Haha let's go grab food cause I'm starving" I said and walking to the canteen lady with my girls.

•skips lunch•

It is now the 6th and last period of the day we have like 5 minutes left if school then after I need to meet my enemy's at the soccor field but I feel like not going and running home fast but I don't know yet.

"Layla?" Miss Marshall asked me with everyone turning there head in my direction

"Sorry miss I wasn't listening" I said sitting properly in my seat

"That's what I thought listen next time please" she said writing back on her bored


The bell went everyone quickly getting up and runnin out the door making me last. I get out of the door and heading to my locker putting my books back and getting my bag and walking to the school gate not going to the oval

I start walking getting closer to my house seein it in far view but I change my mind and turn this corner and going to the park near my house. I go sit on the swing and watch the sun set slowly admiring everything around me

"We'll.....we'll.......who do we have here" I herd Ashton's voice and I freze

All I could do was run and I did exacly that. I was pretty good at running because I do track all the time and I've gotten 1st or 2nd medal for that.

I turn one corner trying to get rid of them but I turn up in an ally with no where else to go because the back is blocked off with a fence. But the boys where right behind me.

"What the fuck did we tell you slut!" Ashton screemed in my face

"I--m so-r-ry" I said tying to find away to escape them but I couldn't

" we'll it's too late now" michael said soon with a kick in the shins

I was soon on the floor kick after kick after kick my eye sight became blurry and my ears are starting to ring is this a sign of death?

"STOP GUYS YOUR GOING TO KILL HER STOP!!!!!!" it sounded like Lukes voice

Then I blacked out is this the end? I thought over and over


Authors note:

Hey guys!

Sorry for the long wait guys I didn't mean for it to be that long. But I hope you guys can forgive me :) I hope you enjoyed this chapter and I'll be making another soon I'm not going to set a goal for this one because I'm not going to do that to you guys! But next chapter will have so much drama and sadness and a caution! But anyway I should be on my way and I'll talk to you guys soon bye my lovelys!!!

Xx Layla xx

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