Bullied 😢

She is a average girl just trying fit in but that has been very tough on her. She is the nerd one in the school she gets bullied everyday by 4 boys, Calum Hood, Ashton Irwin, Michael Clifford and the most worst one yet Luke Hemmings


27. chapter 23


I looked at the piece of paper for like 4 more minutes then got up and got into my pjs and washed my face once more then went to bed and waited for what's to come tomorrow

It's going to be such a big tomorrow but I'll just wait and see what's to come!


Layla's p.o.v


My alarm clock went off signalling I have to get up for a awkward day at school.

I got up checking my social media but nothing has really gone on since last night I normally wake up 5 mins earlier so I can check all my social media so I did just that.

I hopped of my bed connecting my feet to my soft warm fluffy white rug that I have covering the centre of my room.

I grab my towel and head for the shower. I turned it on letting the warm water running down my back relaxing my body a bit I thought about what's going to happen today and it won't be very good day for me.

I hop out going to my bedroom letting the cold af air hit me and straight away I was freezing I quickly go to my walk in wardrobe and pick out today's clothes

Top: Nivarna top

Pants: jeans with rips on the legs

Shoes: converse

Extras: flannel top around my waist and a necklace that my pop gave me.

I walk up to my mirror and I don't normally put on heaps of make up anymore because my skin is already clear so all I put on is mascara and lip gloss I check my appearance and once I'm good with it I grabbed my bag and phone and headed down stairs.

Once I got to the bottom of the stairs I could instantly smell pancakes I walked up to mum rearranging mornings and then sitting up at the table making small chat.

"So Layla why did luke storm out last night" my mum said looking at me

"Umm I'm not too sure" I said while taking my plate up to the kitchen

"Layla and Luke sitting in a tree kiss---" my mum and brother sang before I cut them off

"No mom just no" I said while laughing

"We'll I better get to school by mum by little bro" I said while getting my granola bar and walking out the door with my bag and my phone

I walk to the garage and get the car because I couldn't be fucked walking I wasn't in the mood for it today I dove off to school finding a parking spot luckily

I stopped the engine getting out and walking towards my locker and putting in the combination and getting some books out but my locker door slammed shut nearly jamming my fingers in the door

"We'll we'll if it isn't i think I'm cool I kissed luke hemmings" I could tell who that was from a mile away it was Michael Clifford with his gang including luke

"Umm he leaded in and I didn't know what to do" I said partially screaming

"Don't talk back to us" Michael said while slapping me right across the face

"Whatever" I said and walking off from them

"Don't walk off on us when where talking to you Layla meet us be hide the field for your punishment and if you don't you wished that you never came to this school" he said while grabbing my hair and whispering the details

Great today is not going how it planned I walked off to my 1st class and thinking really hard hardly paying attenuation to the teacher.......




Hello my lovelys once my book gets up to 63K I'll be posting another chapter..

Sorry this chapter wasn't as good but I promise that my next chapter will be amazing so I hope you guys like my book so far and there is more yet to come. Stay awesome and beautiful

~Keiarna xoxox

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