Bullied 😒

She is a average girl just trying fit in but that has been very tough on her. She is the nerd one in the school she gets bullied everyday by 4 boys, Calum Hood, Ashton Irwin, Michael Clifford and the most worst one yet Luke Hemmings


23. chapter 20


"To Layla, From Luke xx

I look back to where he was sitting and he smiled and winked at me. ;)

"What's happening" I thought in my head


Lukes P.O.V

The only reason why I have been helping the guys bully Layla is because I have always had this slight crush on her and my dad always used to make me angry and I always took the anger out on someone else which I shouldn't really do.

Anyway I'm at home watching Netflix (seen that it's the weekend) and talking to some friends on Facebook.

I have the whole house to myself because my dad is out parting like always and my mum died when I was 10. Some people would've thought I have a happy life and I'm spoiled and rich but no I live the opposite of that.

"DING" my phone beeped signalling that I got a notification

I wasn't expecting this it was from Layla and it said...

"Hey come to my house you still need tutoring"

"Oh yeah I'll be over there in 2 seconds" I Replied

I closed the laptop lid and put my shoes, grabbed my phone, books and ran out the door. Layla's house is only like 5 houses down from mine which is kinda cool.

I walk up to her steps and knock on the door softly and immediately she opens it.

"Come in and we'll work up stairs" she said closing the door

"Yep sounds cool" I said acting cool

"Hey luke" mr and miss jewson said

"Hey miss jewson and me jewson" I said politely

"Call us Peter and Taylah" they said as they got up and hugged me and walked off.

Anyway it's about 5:30 and we've been working for 3 hours now but it's ok because I'm working with Layla

We are on the subject now of BODMAS I'm kinda getting the hang of it now.

"Now that u get the hang of it turn to page 69" Layla said skipping some pages to get there

"ahahahahahaha!" We laughed exactly at the same time

We stopped laughing and I looked at her in the eyes and started to lean in......................


Hey guys!

Sorry that I havnt been updating when I said I would it's just I got a new phone and all that and I had to download the apps again and it have had school and everything and I can only do so many things at once so yeah anyway I'll be updating again to when it hits 30K and it's on 26K right now so yeah I love you guys so so so much and stay awesome



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