Bullied 😢

She is a average girl just trying fit in but that has been very tough on her. She is the nerd one in the school she gets bullied everyday by 4 boys, Calum Hood, Ashton Irwin, Michael Clifford and the most worst one yet Luke Hemmings


22. chapter 19 (:


I tried to get up but I couldn't I saw a hand infrount of me signalling if I wanted help up I look up and I saw ..............


As I look up I saw blonde hair and blue eyes great it's luke why is he helping me???

"Hello! Earth to Layla " Luke said that got me out of my thoughts

"Ugh thanks" I said with a frown

"Someone's on her period" luke said looking at me

"Excuse me, I just got called horrible words and pushed to the ground and you say I'm on my period are you serious" I said raising one eyebrow

"Jeez soz" he said while walking away

"Hey luke!" I said as he's walking back towards me

"Yes?" He said

"Why are you being so nice to me?" I said looking at him in the eyes

"I'm changing Layla I want to be nice from now on" he said looking right back at me

"Ok" I said still looking at him

" yeah anyway Layla I Gotta go I'll see you around bye"

"Ok bye" I said walking towards my locker and pushing in the combernations

"DING---DING---DING" the bell went off 3 times

"Ughhh" I said while walking towards my maths class

"Yay Lukes in this class, wait no Layla you can't think like this of him he bullied you all these years don't think like that" my thoughts said

Something took me out of my thoughts and it was a piece of paper been put on my table and it was folded up and on the frount it said

"To Layla, From Luke xx

I look back to where he was sitting and he smiled and winked at me. ;)

"What's happening" I thought in my head


Hey guys!

How have you guys been lately? Anyways thank you very very much for the 21k reads I'm so excited for the next chapter. I'll be updating again when I get 22k reads so I'll be updating when I get 100 more reads (: anyway hope u love the story remember to stay awesome and happy. If your upset with something I'm always here to support u guys love you xx

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