Bullied 😢

She is a average girl just trying fit in but that has been very tough on her. She is the nerd one in the school she gets bullied everyday by 4 boys, Calum Hood, Ashton Irwin, Michael Clifford and the most worst one yet Luke Hemmings


20. chapter 17 💫


Layla.fat.slut. I can't believe Michael Clifford ( one of my bully's) made an account about me. But as soon as I get on it it says "no user found" I check if I spelt it right and I did and I refresh and refresh and refresh. As soon as I was about to refresh again I herd this voice behind me say " The account has been deleted Layla" I turned around to see............

I turned around and saw Mr Brown (my maths teacher) "wait what do you mean that the account has been deleted" I said confused."we'll you see some girl Named Lisa she's only new and she saw that horrible site that someone made about you and reported it to the priceable"

"Wait so you know who created the account about me" I said curiously

"Yeah do you?" Mr brown said

" Yeah of course I know it was Michael Clifford" I replied

" Yep sure was" Mr brown said awkwardly

" Does he have a punishment" I said curiously

"Yes but he's not the only one Luke, Calum and Ashton also have a punishment because they were in on the account that they made about you" mr brown said explaining everything

" wait what!?! Luke , Calum and Ashton had nothing to do with this!" I replied

"Enough nonsense Layla! I've seen how they've been treating you and it's time to put a stop to it" Mr brown said

"Umm ok" I said

"We'll bye Layla I have to get going now bye" my brown said while walking off

As soon as he started to walk off the bus was here I got in and found a seat and sat down on the seat. I don't want Michael to think that I blamed him and the guys in and if he does they will do something very very bad to me and I don't want to know...............


Hey guys hope you liked this one I will be updating a lot more now maybe I'll start updating 2 chapters in a row what do you guys think about that should I? Anyway you guys have been epic I suggest you guys should stay that way anyway stay awesome love you guys xx ❤️ ~Keiarna 💞

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