Bullied 😢

She is a average girl just trying fit in but that has been very tough on her. She is the nerd one in the school she gets bullied everyday by 4 boys, Calum Hood, Ashton Irwin, Michael Clifford and the most worst one yet Luke Hemmings


15. Chapter 14

*Layla's POV*

I was still wondering who left that note on my door. Now I was sitting in my room thinking whether or not to call the number. I decided to text that number and find out. I picked up my phone from the study table and sat on my bed. I entered the number in phone and messaged.


L: 'Hi, I got this number from a note stuck on my front door. Just wondering who is this???'

 After waiting for a second, my phone vibrated.....

Unknown- 'Haha Hey, well I was the one who stuck the note on ur door but can u make a guess who it is? ;) and u contacted me, that means u'll join me to the carnival :D'

L: ' Idk who you are so I can't attend that carnival with you, sorry :( '

Unknown: ' Awwh! Uk me think harder.... Ok anyways, meet me in the history section of the library tomorrow during lunch, u'll can see me there and come to the carnival k? '

L: ' Urmm... Okay I can do that but I still don't promise coming to the party tho. I got to go see you tom '

Unknown: ' I'll convince u :P , see you tom Lay, good night sleep well'


I smiled after the message and noticed it was pretty late and I wasent hungry. So I decided to go to sleep. I got up went to the bathroom, changed my clothes to a old loose tshirt and came back to bed. I feel asleep smiling and thinking about the sweet unknown guy!


 Helloooo guys, I am Sandy_Bizzle and I'm helping Keiarna with this movella. Hope u like it. Do comment ur suggestion and like and favourite :D   Bye Homies :P

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