Bullied 😢

She is a average girl just trying fit in but that has been very tough on her. She is the nerd one in the school she gets bullied everyday by 4 boys, Calum Hood, Ashton Irwin, Michael Clifford and the most worst one yet Luke Hemmings


16. Authors note


Hey guys....

This is Sandy, the co-author. I am a tad bit confused with the story right now. So I have decided to keep Maddison and Calum's story on the side (I won't describe much about it) but now I will concentrate on Layla.

But I need ur help.... Can any of u readers suggest or guess who that... Secret Message guy is 

A. Luke

B. Michael 

C. Ashton

Plz comment and answer if you any of you are correct. I'll give you a part in the story. You can decided ;)

I'll be updating soon. I'm so soooo sorry for the delay.... I had exams, Christmas, new year and classes but now I'll update often.

Happy New Year Guys.... Plz do comment and let me know ur answers 

Till than.... Loads of Love

Sandy :)

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